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Which river flows through budapest?

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The Danube.

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Which river flows through Vienna and Budapest and Belgrade?

River Danube flows through Vienna,Budapest and Belgrade

What river flows through Vienna and Budapest and Belgrade?

the Danube ...

Which river flows through Vienna budapest and belgrade?


What river goes through three European capitals?

No river flows through three capitals. The Danube River flows through four capital cities, however (Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava).

What capital cities are located on the Danube River?

The Danube flows through four capitals: Bratislava, Belgrade, Budapest, and Vienna.

What is the river that runs through Vienna Belgrade and Budapest?

The river that flows through Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade is THE Danube river, who happens to cross Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania borders of Bulgaria and joins the Black Sea at the borders of Romania and Ukraine.

Which river in the eastern Europe passes through Vienna Austria and Budapest Hungary?

The Danube (famed for "The Blue Danube Waltz" among other things) flows through Vienna, Austria, and between Buda and Pest, Hungary (which united n 1873 to form Budapest). The Third world capital it flows through is Belgrade, Serbia.The Danube River.

The River flows through India while the River flows through Pakistan?

The Ganges River flows through India, while the Indus River flows through Pakistan

What city does the river Danube flow through?

* Vienna, Austria * Bratislavia, Slovakia * Budapest, Hungary * Belgrade, Serbia are the four Capital cities it flows through.

What river runs through budapest?

The River Danube

What river flows through Perth?

The river Tay flows through Perth in Scotland The river Swan flows through Perth in Australia

What river flows through Montrose?

The river that flows through Montrose, Colorado is the Uncompahgre River.

River that flows through rome?

The river that flows through Rome should be River Tiber.

which river flows through nantes ,france?

Loire River

What river flows through Venezuela?

the orinoco river flows through venezuela:]:]

What is the river that flows through Germany?

The River Rhine flows through Germany

What river flows through Glasgow?

The River Clyde flows through Glasgow.

Which river flows through carlisle?

Eden is the river that flows through Carlisle.

What river flows through rome?

The Tiber River flows through Rome.

What river flows through rouen?

river seine flows through Rouen

What river flows through Rochester?

The river Medway flows through Rochester

What flows through the Colorado river in Utah?

water flows through the river

What cities do the Danube river flow through?

It flows in Europe through Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Serbia (Belgrade), Slovakia (Bratislava) & Romania and then into the Black Sea.

What is the river that flows through the state of Alaska?

The Yukon River is river that flows through Alaska. The 1,980 mile long Yukon River starts in British Columbia, flows through the Yukon Territory and then flows through Alaska.

What is the scond longest river in eourpe and flows through 3 capital cities?

The answer you are looking for is the Danube. It actually flows through 4 capital cities: Vienna - Austria Budapest - Hungary Belgrade - Serbia Bratislava - Slovakia