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North Dakota, South Dakota,Missouri,Kansas,Minnesota,Nebraska,Wisconsin

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Q: Which rivers in the middle west region share their names with middle west states?
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Which region has cities that have spanish names?

the middle west region has alot of cities with french names

What states have rivers with the same names?

There are plenty of states that have rivers with the same names. Theres the Kansas river, Missouri River, Mississippi River, and plenty more but those are examples of states that have rivers with the same name.

What are the names of rivers in middlewest region?

Please rephrase - the question is unclear.

What are the names of the two rivers that flow in the desert region?

The Nile River of Africa and the Rio Grande of the United States both flow through deserts.

What is the tidewater region?

The tidewater region is another name for the coastal plain, it has 4 rivers bordering it. The names are: the York, the Rappahannock, the James, and the Fredrick rivers.

Name five present day states in the Middle west region whose names come from Indian languages?

Chicken fingers

What are the names of the twin rivers in Asia?

You are probably wanting to know the names to the two "twin" rivers in the middle east. They are the Tigris in Turkey and Iraq and the Euphrates is in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

What are the names of the region in earth's interior where convection currents occur?

The middle of the mantle.

Name five present-day States in the Middle West Region whose names come from Indian Languages?

Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and South Dakota

What are the names of important rivers in the Deccan region?

The main rivers of the Deccan Plateau/Region are the Godavari River, the Indravati River, the Tungabhadra River, the Krishna River, the Bhima River, the Kaveri River, the Narmada river and the Tapi River.

What five states are also the names of major rivers?

The following are all rivers and states: Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin

What are the names of the four states that also have rivers with the same names?

Mississippi river, Colorado river, Columbia river, Missouri river

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