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Which satellite is known as tajmahal in space?


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Not known, any studies for a launch !

Satellite- A probe implies probing or traveling through space and not fixed.

space satellites are in space and earth satellites are in earth.

A space shuttle has never hit a satellite.

Sahajan built tajmahal

A "live satellite" is something that is being shown "live" from a satellite, such as images from space, or views of the Earth from a satellite in outer space. TV programs you watch on satellite is not considered "live satellite".

A communicate satellite is an artificial satellite stationed in space

The natural body that orbits a planet is known as a moon or satellite.

Tajmahal, Charminar, Hawamahal and Humayuns tomb.

Russia (Then known as USSR ) was the first to put it's satellite (called "Sputnik") into orbit. The date was 4 October 1957. "Explorer 1" was the United States' first artificial satellite and was launched on January 31, 1958

a satellite is for sending picture from space to earth

A artifial satelite and space probe is that a artifial satellite orbits somthing else whereas a space probe fly farther into space.

A hubble space telescope is a space probe which is in orbit around the Earth so it's a satellite.

A space station is a satellite designed to allow humans to live in outer space.

neither it is usually referred to as a launch vehicle. a space probe is unmanned and transmits data back to earth and a space satellite is something that orbits the earth. you could call the shuttle a satellite but it is not normally referred to as that.

Put it in a rocket and launch it into space

A space craft is an object in space such as a Spaceship or Satellite.

The Magellan space satellite is an American satellite. It was launched by NASA in 1989 and was built by Martin Marietta and Hughes Aircraft.

The Sputnik was the first satellite in Space. It was sent by the Soviet Union October 4, 1957.

A space probe is not the same as a satellite, because they can orbit planets and sat elites don't.

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