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Well obviously winter, unless you have the really hot days. But it depends on where you get your good weather and bad weather, if its quite cool and its the middle of July and your horse is just standing in the stable, you can't just leave it with no rug on, so just a thin sheet would be just fine but when its raining and still, it could be summer and your turning your horse out, it would probably need an outdoor rug, especially if its cold.

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What season should your horse where a blanket?

Never. Horses do not need blankets, even in extreme weather. They grow winter coats. Putting a blanket on prevents this coat from developing. If you want a healthy horse, do not blanket.

What season of the year should a horse always need to wear a blanket?

If your horse shivers from the cold in the winter, you need a blanket. some horses get cold easy other don't. If you live where you don't get snow I would just let your horses grow there extra hair the natural way, but if you live where it snows you should put the blanket on.

What season would a horse need a blanket so she could stay normal?

Horses may need a blanket in the winter if you clip their coat, robbing them of their protection from the cold. Blanketing is bad for the horse however, but it is the lesser of 2 evils. If you touch your horses ears and they are cold, he is cold. If not, he is not, so leave him unblanketed.

Which season of the year would a horse need a blanket?

Horses might need blankets during the winter if they are outside. If your horse is inside a warm stable, you probably do not need a blanket.Horses also need a blanket if they have been exercising and it is cool, because they can sweat and lose too much heat.A horse only needs a blanket over the winter if it doesn't have a thick winter coat grown in. If it has a good winter coat, all the horse will need is a place to get out of the wind (a windbreak or a stable) and it won't need the blanket at all. Horses can tolerate much colder temperatures than humans can, so they do fine in all but the coldest weather (below zero Fahrenheit).

Why do horses need blankets when they travel?

they dont need a blanket its just to protect them from the partitions.

During which season should a horse wear a blanket - spring summer fall or winter?

u should only put a blanket on during winter. later fall and early spring u can have a light blanket on. horses do grow there own winter coat that is (don't quote me on this but) 10x warmer than a blanket and you should let them grow that for a little before u put a blanket on them. also younger horses do not need a blanket they should grow there coats out.

Would you need a horse blanket if you were trailering a horse from Montana to Ohio?

it depends on the weather,season, and the kind of blanket

What season is it when a horse needs a blanket?

usually winter when it gets cold out. sometimes for horses health or medical problems.

What season does a horse need a blanket?

winter and fall but mostly winter

Do you need a blanket?

There are two answers to your questions:If you are asking "if you need a blanket under a saddle" then, yes. It is to protect a horses back.But, if you are asking "if you need a full body blanket to keep a horse warm" then, no. Unless you are in Norway and you have a very thin coated horse.

What season of the year will a horse need a new blanket?

Usually you'd get your horse a new blanket in late fall or early winter. Or what ever the coldest season for your region is.

Do horses need multiple blankets as it gets colder?

No they don't, as it gets colder you have a winter blanket. And your horse should also have a spring blanket as well.

What season would a horse need a blanket?

The answer is pretty simple... WINTER!Winter

In what season should a horse be ridden with a blanket?

A horse should be ridden with a saddle blanket all the time to avoid discomfort for the horse. If you dont ride with a saddle blanket it could injure the skin on your horses back and rub his fur off.

What season of the year does your horse need a blanket?

A good way to tell if your horse is cold is to touch his ears. If they are cold, he is. If you clip your horse, it may need a blanket in the winter.

What season should you put a blanket on a horse?

Winter of course.AnswerActually you shouldn't put a blanket on a horse because it stops the horse's winter coat from growing properly. Only put a blanket on a horse if it's extremely cold like so cold you are cold with a jacket on. Also during the winter horses should be in the barn and rubbed down. Show horses however need their sleek summer coat in shows (it makes them look better for the judges) so they need their blanket on as soon as they start to grow their winter coat.

What season of the year should you use a blanket on your horse?

Season doesn't matter. If it's cold, you need to put a blanket on your horse. It can get cold in the middle of summer sometimes; you have to pay attention to the weather.

What seasons of the year horses need a blanket?

Mostly winter but if you lived in a colder place you might need to use one in the fall

What season of the year would a horwse need a blancket?

Unless the horse is ill or old it never needs a blanket. Blankets are used to prevent the horse from growing a winter coat. The reason you might want that is to prevent overheating and allow a faster cool down during rides in the winter. Horses are native to cold weather. They survive in cold weather just fine if left alone. Man's interference is what causes the need for the blanket. I have a large number of horses in Wisconsin and don't blanket any of them.

When does a horse need blanket?

Horses do not really need a blanket and it is actually unhealthy for them to wear one as you can read in the related link. The only time a horse really needs a blanket is if you clip them in the winter, robbing him of his protection from the cold. To tell if your horse is cold, touch his ears. If they are cold, he is cold. If not, leave him be without a blanket.

When does a horse need a banket?

horses dont ever "need" a blanket but they grow more hair if they get cold alot and that is thought of as a bad thing.

What is the season a horse needs a blanket?

They need blankets in the winter time, so they can keep warm.

When do you need a blanket for your horse?

You need a blanket for your horse in the winter (most likely a heavier blanket) and if you want to or need to a fly blanket in the summertime.

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