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  • France
  • UK
  • Belgium
  • German Empire
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain

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The UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, and Germany all held territories on Africa.

Britain, France, Portugal, Holland and Spain. However during the second world war Germany and Italy got involved by which time Spain didn't have much presence there anymore

Countries wanted to control the natural resources and trading rights of African and Asian countries.

Japan wanted to be like the European countries and control needed resources. They wanted to control the entire Pacific region.

Countries in Europe which did not have dictators were the Northern European countries, United Kingdom, the Mediterranean Countries, Switzerland, some of the Eastern European countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and others.

Since Italy and Greece are both members of the European Union, you can travel freely between those two countries without a passport.

Spain and France were the countries England fought for control of North America.

There are actually many countries that are the head of the European Union. But all of the countries who started the European Union are the head. Those countries are france, and italy. The control the whole European Union. The used to fight but now they put their differences away to work together.

European countries wanted to control the natural resources and trading rights of African and Asian countries.

England, Spain, France and Portugal.

To control the land and natural resources.

The Spanish, the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the English each had control of a part of south america

No, Britain does not have control over Germany. Both countries - along with others - are members of the European Union.

Yes. They wanted to expand the territory controlled by communisim and have a barrier between the USSR and Western Europe, after Hitler's invasion.

By outnumbering them on population, technology and, maybe most important, military.

Some European countries would have controlled parts of Asia, but never all of it.

The control of Africa had been critical to European nations in 1913 because it offered them more power, territory, and abundant resources as well as a sufficient labor force. Basically, it could be considered as a race between all the competing countries for dominance in 1913.

Italy, Spain, France, West Germany, and the United Kingdom were all major nations who were not Eastern European countries and not under communist control.

The Navigation Acts were created by England to restrict trade with its colonies. England wanted to stop trading between its colonies and other European countries such as France and the Netherlands.

The European powers wanted control of the vast natural resources of Africa. To be in actual control of the government was not a motivating factor but this was needed in order for one European country to keep other European countries out.

The Schengen Area is a European region that consists of 26 different countries. These areas, including France, Spain, and Germany have abolished immigration and passport control.

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