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I don't know in Chennai but at Bangalore Refinery, #6/1, 1st Cross, 1st Stage Peenya, KIADB Main Road, Next to RTO Driving Test Track, Bangalore 560 058,

Tel: 28372445 / 6 / 7/ 8, Fax:+91-80-28372443, e-mail:, they are selling without making or wastage i.e Gram X current day rate basis. You may get from 20 Grams

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Creative Making

Whom was the technique of making unsupported charges of disloyalty without regard for the basic rights of the accused named?


Why Bangalore is cooler than chennai?

Bangalore is cooler than Chennai because Bangalore is situated at a height of 550 metres above sea level and Chennai is at the sea level. As we go higher, the temperature becomes lower making a place cooler than the place at the sea level

What charges may be be brought against an officer who uses excessive force in making an arrest?

assault charges. they went too far

What charges can you press for an anonymous person calling your mobile phone and making creepy sexual references?

you can press sexual haressment charges on them

Can i file charges against a person making faise allegations?

You can file a civil suit. There may be criminal charges that could be brought for harassment.

Is ajay devgan and shahrukh khan make a movie together?

Yeah they actually are making a movie together called Chennai express

What are the advantages of making cash purchases?

You would not be subject to interest charges or fees.

Can someone press charges on you for making a prank call if you are a minor in California?


What is the longest sea beach in India?

the longest beach is the marina beach in Chennai, it stretches 14km along the coast, making it the second largest in the world!

Hi i m ranajith 24 m from India i want to do online money making business without any investment so anyone could you give me website addresses and info thnx?

Dear Ranjit atleast you should invest your brain - Jayabharathi India Chennai

In 1998 at age 17 got arrested in Missouri for making a false police report went to court charges were dropped now applying for a visa and have to get FBI background check will charges show on record?

If indeed the charges were dropped, no.

How do you type stuff on club penguin without making an account?

You can't type stuff on Club Penguin without making a account.

Can a interest be charged on a late fee?

No. But what will be charged on a late fee, will be reflected on something known as your your finance charges. Finance charges will go up if you are late making a payment on your credit card.

Is making allegations and not pressing charges considered perjury?

No. Perjury is falsifying a sworn statement, usually in a court.

What is the rate for 1 gram 916 gold and making charges?

The rate of 1 gram 916 gold making charges is Rs.1494. Charge amount usually depends on the design of it. Wastage is usually none and one place to get 1 gram 916 gold is Hall Mark.

What is the Role of DBMS in decision making?

Without decision making we can't do anything in DBMS.

Can you file a lawsuit against a company that has been making multiple charges to your account after purchasing one product?


What are the release dates for Making the Video - 1999 Eminem Without Me?

Making the Video - 1999 Eminem Without Me was released on: USA: 1 May 2002

How do you make hushpuppies without cornmeal?

Hushpuppies inherently include cornmeal. Making them without cornmeal is like making cornbread without cornmeal. It's a different dish without it. You can make fritters without cornmeal and they are similar to hushpuppies or you can use a mix for hushpuppies but it will contain cornmeal.

What if your girlfriend used her mother's credit card without permission what is the charge for that what is the sentence if she's found guilty she has no prior record?

first mom has to press charges for theft.. the most likely punishment is mom making you pay her back and her taking the card away...

Are roaming fees charged without making a call?


What is assumption in research?

making a premise without proof

How write without making mistakes?

Practice, concentrate.

What can shoot you without making any harm?