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Jeff Hardy returned to WWE RAW after a three year abscence from the WWE. He appeared on TV on August the 21st 2006.

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Who is Jeff hardy the WWE smackdown wrestler dating?

He isn't daing anyone he is married to Beth

Is Jeff hardy in smackdown?

Yes Jeff Hardy got drafted to SmackDown.

Will Jeff hardy go to smackdown again?


Is Jeff hardy on smackdown just bring it?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is playable on WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It.

Where is hardy now?

Jeff hardy is on tna. Matt is on smackdown

How do you unlock Jeff Hardy on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Jeff Hardy is not on SmackDown vs Raw 2011

What brand is Matt hardy on?


Is Matt Hardy on Raw?

NO he is on Smackdown

What wrestler was born in North Carolina?

Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy

Was Jeff hardy a wrestler?


How do you unlock Jeff hardy on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 PS2?

Jeff Hardy is not in smackdown vs raw 2011.

Matt hardy on smackdown?

Yes, when Matt comes back from his injury he will be on Smackdown

What smackdown games are Jeff hardy in?

he is in SmackDown vs Raw 2009,Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and the smackdown games some of them

How long has Jeff hardy been on smackdown?

Jeff hardy has been on smackdown for 2 years now going on 3 next year.

Will Matt Hardy go to TNA because of Jeff Hardy?

no he is at Smackdown WWE!

Who is a cooler wrestler jeff hardy or matt hardy?

i found shawn micheals

Is Jeff hardy still in smackdown?


Was Jeff hardy the youngest pro wrestler?


Who is the best wrestler 2007?

Jeff Hardy

Is JeffHardy coming to Raw or smackdown?

Jeff Hardy will come back in Smackdown at summer!!!!!!!

Who is the Yougest WWE wrestler?

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

Is Jeff hardy on raw or ecw?

The brand Jeff Hardy is on is Smackdown,he is the WWE champion

Is Jeff hardy in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Jeff Hardy is not in SVR 2011.

Who is the best WWE wrestler alive?

Jeffrey Nero hardy a.k.a Jeff hardy

Is Jeff hardy heel?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is a heel wrestler in TNA ... idkk why, but he is .