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The Confederacy took control of the fort after the battle of Fort Sumter.

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The South won the battle of Fort Sumter. The Union forces surrendered and abandoned the fort.

The south had attacked fort Sumter and conquered it.

A lot of people died. Also the Sumter won!

Fort Sumter surrendered. The Confederates won.

The Confederates. It was April 1861.

First, there was only ONE battle of Fort Sumter. Second, the North surrendered to the South, Q.E.D., the South won the battle.

The South won the battle because they were obviously better. They needed to get out of the Union and the succeded in seceding.

The confederates won the first battle and the fort, no one was killed on the confederate side and the commander of the fort was wounded along with 19 of his troops, 9 died and 105 were taken prisoners. This began the war.

'''The French won the battle of Fort Bull''' '''YAH for them but bad for the other side''' ''':)'''

The first battle of the civil war was at Fort Sumter,South Carolina.The winner of that battle was the south

The reason for the fight was the conflict of land of the Fort Sumter between the Union and the Confederate States of America. The conflict soon turned into a full-fledged battle when both of the sides refused to give up Fort Sumter and despite of the strength of the Union army in terms of supplies and the number of soldiers, it was the Confederate army that won the first battle of the American Civil War poop at Fort Sumter. this still doesnt explain why the battle happend the battle happend because the confederate states wanteed the north military out of tjher "country"

slavery was the most basic differences between the north and south and they did not like the fact that people wanted slavery and some people didn't. another difference was everyone wanted to have all the forts so the decided to battle and see who should win Fort Sumter and when the battle was over the North won Fort Sumter even though Fort Sumter battle and Fort Sumter is in the south.

A war broke out on the battle field and i won duu lol dont copy that cuz im cool

The Confederates or the Southerners

The North won the Battle of Fort Henry.

The Union won the second battle at fort Mcallister

The first battle of the American Civil War was the Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861. With dwindling food supplies and no chance of winning against the Confederates, Fort Sumter was surrendered. It marked a turning point in the war, as Americans no longer thought the Civil War would either be quick or easily won.

The United States had won the fort mcHenry battle because they were prepared!

The message warned that the fort was low on supplies and that the Confederates demanded it surrender. (this is what my social studies book says. I know it doesn't give an exact answer but I hope it helped..;/)

McClernand's Troops won the Battle Of Fort Hindman. However, The Union Forces almost won.

The Southern forces in Charleston's harbor forced the Union troops in Fort Sumter to surrender as there was no other choice. "Rescue warships" arrived too late to help the Fort.

The Union Won The Battle Of Paluski.

Confederates won the fort. Fort Sumter was on April 12-13 of 1861. The fort was owned by the United States of America and garrisoned by US troops until forced to surrender to southern forces under P.G.T Beauregard.

Well if you are talking about the Civil War battles, the Union won the Battle of Vicksburg and the Battle of Gettysburg. The battles they lost are Fort Sumter and First Manassas (Bull Run).