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Which site is best to download counter strike condition zero?


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2012-01-10 23:11:02
2012-01-10 23:11:02 download steam client and you can get the game from them there.

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Condition Zero is better, but Counter-Strike 1.6 is more popular. Counter-Strike: Source is the best.

Steam is the best, buy through that.

Counter Strike games are not free legally, if you would like to game, you need to pay to play.

The best place to get CS is buying through steam.

Yes, you can purchase Counter-Strike Anthology or Counter-Strike Source package.

There are several top counter strike servers. One of the best counter strike servers at the top of the list is Esports.Inungi.Ro. It has a six star rating.

You can buy a CD of the game. Best Buy has Counter-Strike 1 Anthology and Counter-Strike Source.

SpawN , Neo , f0rest , HeatoN , Potti , shaGuar , elemeNt , Naikon , n0thing , XeqtR , Knoxville Counter-Strike Condition Zero: (PG) Devil Boy i think carn is the best player. Markeloff f0rest and GeT_RiGhT are the best...

Yea i love Condition Zero skins. Firstly search Csnation on google. Then click on the 1st one. You have to sign up to download but its worth it. Anyway signing up is free and they have all the best skins. Also try google Counter strike skins. Note: You can use some counter strike skins for condition zero but not all Some you can use are : USP, AUG, AK-47 so on But some crash the game: SG550(CT auto sniper), GSG-9(T auto sniper) FPSBanana is very popular.

In my opinion the best in the counter strike series is Condition Zero. There is Counter Strike Source though. Most people say it is much better due to the Source engine. The Source engine has increased graphic quality etc. The reason you wouldn't get source is if your computer can't handle it well (as in low framerates, direct X, pixel shader, vertex shader, and etc.) I do not own Source myself, but I believe the game has the right to be called "The Best Version of Counter-Strike"

The official CEVO and ESEA websites list the team standings from Counter Strike tournaments.

its p4..he plays frm india..he is best

Source is arguably the best.

Counter - Strike FIFA online

the reson counter strike sucks, is because it is not virtual reality, that is the only answer, apart from that it is the BEST GAME EVER MADE, thank you

You should buy CS through steam it is best quality.

you can't play it on a website, you have to download it (or buy it's your choice) but downloading would be illegal so it's best to buy it.

I say it is de_dust_cz. Because it doesn't really have glitches and it is 1 of the most original maps of CZ.

Yes! Counter Strike 1 Anthology is only $10 at Best Buy and many people still play it.

Go on friends tab and look type your friends stemid. The best cs 1.6 server is >> Blood-Strike ! Clan its 1000fps and it has fast download the ip is :

Do you mean the purple-black textures? If you do, it happens occasionally to everybody and it is not a big deal.

Don't cheat. Cheats are for losers.

unless you have bought the game from store you should have code in box if you illigally downloaded it from uturret or something then you need to generate a code or find one from some one who doesnt use theirs. Best way is to download the game from

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