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Q: Which skills are use in javilin throw?
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Some help If a football like fifa ball not American is 450 grams and a javilin is 800grams and you can throw a football 70 meters how far could you throw a javilin?

There is no simple answer. The grips and throwing action in the two instances are different. Furthermore, the aerodynamic properties of the two are very different.

How do you kill a reaper on MW3?

use the stinger are javilin

What events were held in the Greece Olympics?

chariot or horse racing wrestiling boxing events javilin long jump hammer throw discus armor race torchrac e

How many events were there in the first games?


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He dunks the basketball from the free throw line

What were the different evens Olympics?

discus,pole,volt,javilin there you go all the ones i now

What did Muslim warrior have to learn from skills and training?

they had to learn how to shoot a bow and throw a spear and use a sword and they needed a lot of skill to do all of this stuff

What are Zeus' skills?

To throw lightning bolts, rule the universe, and fighting.

The tv show ballykissangel episode 4 what kind of car did father Peter Clifford receive from Michael Bradley?

Jowett Javilin

What were some of Clove's special skills in the Hunger Games?

She could throw knives and weapons

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hold b when your about to throw them

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with a baseball glove and to throw it use your bare hand