Which software is easy to use for building a concept map?

MINDJET MINDMANAGER IS A GOOD CHOICE Mindjet’s technology for dynamic, visual thinking captures, arranges and relates free-form information in a multi-dimensional space. It goes far beyond an everyday outline or the confines of a sheet of paper. In tech-speak, it’s software that brings thoughts and ideas to life on an intuitive, interactive dashboard. Some call it mind mapping. We call it common sense. This is not a new way of thinking. It’s just the first time you’ve been able to see it happen. In fact, we’re wired to work this way. Where the left and right brain play nice—merging logic and creativity to inform decisions, manage priorities and make things happen. Manage information, people and projects—all in one place. Individuals and teams can access, update and share knowledge in static and online environments. You can link and layer images, lists, notes, data, charts, and files in any format—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, Web content and the like. You can even assign action items to team members, add icons to highlight key information, and alert others when an automatic update has occurred. It contains virtually every piece of pertinent information for any given project—all in one place. See clearly from any angle. More than a gathering place for thoughts and ideas, the power behind Mindjet is the ability to link and layer information—to build relationships between knowledge and insights from every member on your team. Step back and view the big picture or zoom in on the nitty-gritty details. From any perspective, it’s all about clarity. Take mapping to the max. Collaborate in real time over the Web. With a secure online environment and live Web conferencing, you can easily take mind mapping to another level. Collaborate across time zones with anyone, virtually anywhere. Multiple people can log on to share files, access remote hard drives, live chat and even work on the same maps at the same time. Input, updates and approvals happen instantaneously, right before your eyes. It makes meetings more effective, projects more efficient—and turns the clock back minutes and hours at a time. http://www.mindjet.com/