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Which song of naushad selected as national song of France?

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It is Marseilaise

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What is the song of France?

La Marseillaise (the song of Marseille) is the national anthem of France.

What is Frances national song?

The National Anthem of France is La Marseillaise.

Which was the debutant song of Mahendra Kapoor in Bollywood?

Chaand chhupa aur taare doobe.. of the movie Sohani Mahiwal under the music direction of Naushad in 1958.

What is France's patriotic song?

Le Marseilles is the national anthem of France.

What is Paris's state song?

Paris, the US city, is in Texas. The state song of Texas is: "Texas, Our Texas". Paris is also a city in the country of France. France is located in Europe. Therefore, Paris doesn't have a "state song." However, the National Anthem of France is "The Marseillaise".

What is the name of the march sung on Bastille Day?

It is the national anthem of France, called La Marseillaise, a revolutionary is called the "marsaillise' also the national Anthem

What is the name of the national anthum of France?

la MarseillaiseThe French national anthem is called 'la Marseillaise'. It is called that because that war song was popularized by a volunteer regiment from Marseilles, southern France, arriving by foot in the capital on its way to defend France against foreign armies.

What is the most famous song in France?

The most famous song in France is aluoete

What do you call a country's national song?

A country's national song is normally called its National Anthem.

What is Australia's national song?

Australia's national song, or the National Anthem, is Advance Australia Fair.

What is national flag song of India?

That national song of India is "Vande Mataram."

What is the national song of Australia?

The national song of Australia, also known as the national anthem, is Advance Australia Fair.

Who wrote the national song of India?

our national song is " vande matram" and bankim chandra chatrji wrote this song

Who won the first Filmfare Award for Best Music Director?

Naushad won the first Filmfare Award for Best Music Director in 1954 for the song Tu Ganga Ki Mauj in the movie Baiju Bawra.

What is a National Anthem?

It is a song that the country has selected to represent the country. It typically shares some of the important values and history of that country. It is played at ceremonial occasions to honor the country and to show respect for it.

Who has written national song of India?

national song was written by bankim chandr chatterjee

What is the national song of Finland?

The national song is maamme (our land) or vart land land)

What song is the national song of Thailand?

Thailand's national anthem is Phleng Chat Thai.

Is a national song and a national anthem the same?


What is Brazil's national song?

The Brazillian National Anthem

What is the Australia's national song?

The national anthem is Advance Australia Fair. There are several national songs including Waltzing Matilda and Song of Australia.

What is Argentinas state song?

The Argentina's state song is commonly referred to as the Argentine's National Anthem. The name of Argentina's state song is simply the National Patriotic Song.

When was Tour de France - song - created?

Tour de France - song - was created in 1919-06.

Does Cambodia have a national song?

i want download national songs in cambodia, Such as Pongsavdakhmer, Song for King. what sould i do?

What is the time limit for the national song of india?

The time limit for the national song of India is 1:02minutes.