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cross country skiing

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Q: Which sport uses the most energy and burns the most calorie in the Olympics?
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What sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?


What sport burns the most fat?

swimming and sprinting

Is darts a sport?

yes darts is a sport and it is played it the olympics

What winter olimpc sport uses the most energy and burns the most calors?

It is speed skating.The skater has to go as fast as they can .It is unknown which burns the most calories.

What is a ten event Olympics sport called?

A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

What drinks do athletes drink the day of the Olympics?

Could be water, lucozade sport and other energy drinks.

Why isn't every sport in the olympics?

They can't possibly put every sport in the olympics. There may be a thousand sports around the world. For example, sumo wrestling in Japan, is a sport. And, it is NOT a sport in the olympics.

What sports are no longer in the Olympics?

What sport are no longer on the olympics

Which sport opens 2012 Olympics?

The first sport that will be featured in the 2012 Olympics is Women's football.

What was the first team sport added to the Olympics?

The first team sport to be added to the olympics was football :)

What sport is the demonstration sport for the 2008 Olympics?

None ... demonstration sports were eliminated from the Olympics in 1992.

What sport was introduced at the 2010 Olympics?

snowboard cross is the sport introduced at the winter Olympics 2010

Who is competing in the 2014 winter gymnast Olympics?

Gymnastics is a summer Olympics sport not a winter Olympics sport. Gymnastics will next be in the London Olympics in 2012 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Is the long jump a sport?

Yes it is a sport. It is in the Olympics, which means it is a sport.

What qualifies a sport to be an Olympic sport?

When the sport is played & broadcasted on the Olympics

What sport is not in the Olympics?


Why do you have an Olympics?

because its an sport

What was the most popular sport in ancient Olympics?

most people reckon that swimming is the best sport in the Olympics

When did soccer come to the Olympics?

In 1900 it became a demonstration sport in the Olympics, but it became a medal sport in 1908.

What sport in the Olympics do you use a horse in?

Any sport involving a horse in the Olympics is referred to as an "Equestrian event"

What is the newest sport in the Olympics?

Kitesurfing is the newest sport in the Summer Olympics. It will make it debut in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

What do you have to do to get in the Olympics in any sport?

to get into the Olympics you have to try out and be the best i your nation.

Is golf in the 2012 Olympics?

No, golf will not be a sport in the 2012 Olympics.

What sport was in the ancient Olympics and is still in the Olympics?

discus throwing

What sport do the Indian's play in Olympics?

They don't play in the Olympics.