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Brightnest is a factor of luminousity and distance as seen from Earth. (Apparent magnitude)

  • Vega - 0.03.
  • Betelgeuse: 0.42

So Betelgeuse is brighter as viewed from Earth.

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Which star is brighter Betelgeuse or Rigel?

Rigel is brighter than Betelgeuse.

Is Vega or Betelgeuse the brightest star?

Brightness is a function of a stars luminosity as observed from Earth. So our Sun is the brightest. Vega has an apparent magnitude of: 0.03 Betelgeuse has an apparent magnitude of 0.42 So, in apparent magnitude, Vega is brighter.

Which is the brighter star aldeberan or Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse is more luminous than Aldebaran.

Which is the brighter star Antares or Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse is regarded as the 9th brightest star as we see it, and Antares is 16th.

Which is brighter Aldebaran or Betelgeuse?

This could be considered a trick question. Generally, Betelgeuse is brighter BUT Betelgeuse is what we call a variable star and there are times when it is fainter than Aldebaran.

The brightest star in a given constellation is designated as alpha?

Generally, true, but there are rare exceptions. For example, Betelgeuse is "Alpha Orionis" while Rigel, generally brighter then Betelgeuse, is "Beta Orionis". Betelgeuse is a somewhat variable star, and when the Bayer designations were assigned, Betelgeuse was the brighter star.

Can Betelgeuse be seen with the human eye?

Yes, Betelgeuse is one of the brighter stars in the sky. The red star of Orion's left shoulder is Betelgeuse.

Why is Vega brighter than Betelgeuse?

A star's brightness is a function of its luminosity, or the amount of energy it produces per unit time. Vega must have a higher luminosity, meaning it fuses more material than Betelgeuse in a given period of time.

What are the names of star?

the examples of stars are Rigel,sun,Sirius,Betelgeuse,Capella,Vega,

What star is brighter Betelgeuse or Rigel?

Betelgeuse has an apparent magnitude of 0.42(v) and an absolute magnitude of -6.02. Rigel has an apparent magnitude of 0.12 and an absolute magnitude of -7.04. So Rigel is brighter.

What is hotter than the sun Vega or Betelgeuse?

Vega = 9,602 KelvinThe Sun = 5,778 KelvinBetelgeuse = 3,500 Kelvin

Why is the vega brighter than arcturus?

Arcturus is a bit brighter than Vega, actually.

Is betelgeuse brighter than the sun?

yes! its brighter than our sun

Which is brighter the Sun or Vega?

Brightness is a function of a stars luminousity as seen from Earth. The Sun is far brighter than Vega. However, if they were both viewed from the same distance, then Vega would be brighter.

Is Betelgeuse a giant star?

Betelgeuse is a supergiant star.

Is Betelgeuse a yellow star?

No, Betelgeuse is a red star.

Is Betelgeuse a binary star?

No. Betelgeuse is a single star.

Is a betelgeuse star a super giant star?

The star Betelgeuse is a supergiant.

Which is brighter a beta star or gamma star?

Usually, the beta star. Stars are given names based on the constellation that they are in, with the brightest star in the constellation being "Alpha", the second brightest being "Beta, and the third-brightest being "Gamma" - and so on through the rest of the Greek alphabet. However, stars _can_ change their brightness. In the constellation Orion, the red supergiant star Betelgeuse was, in the 1600's when the stars were cataloged, the brightest star in Orion. So Betelgeuse was listed as "Alpha Orionis", while Rigel, a close second, was listed as "Beta Orionis". But Betelgeuse has been slimming down, perhaps beginning the collapse which will result in its destruction as a supernova. At any rate, Rigel is generally brighter than Betelgeuse this century. Not always; Betelgeuse is a variable star, and at its brightest, it is still brighter than Rigel.

Why vega brighter than arthuros?

It is not. Arcturus is brighter.It is not. Arcturus is brighter.It is not. Arcturus is brighter.It is not. Arcturus is brighter.

Is there a star called betelgeuse?

Yes, there is a star named Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is a red star located on the constellation of Orion.

What is the color and size of of the star vega?

Vega is a white star with an A-type spectrum. Its absolute magnitude (magnitude at a standard distance of 10 parsecs) is 0.5 making it 4 magnitudes brighter than the Sun, i.e. 40 times brighter. Its distance is 30 light years.

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