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I believe it is Sikkim.

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Red Panda is the state animal of which Indian state?


What is the State animal of Sikkim?

The red panda (Ailurus fulgens) is the state animal of Sikkim, Republic of India.

Is the red panda an extinct animal?

No, the red panda is in a vulnerabal state, almost endangered but not extinct. See the related link for further information.

What animal eat a red panda?

A fox eats a red panda.

Which animal has a symbiotic relationship with the red panda?

the regular panda

What will help stop the endangered animal the red panda?

what can we do to stop the endangered the red panda

How do you describe how a red panda looks?

what kind of animal does a red panda look like

What symbiotic relationship does the red panda have?

well what i have learned is that the evergreen is the animal that has a symbiotic relationship with the red panda.

What animal is shefu?

Shefu is a red panda

Is the red panda a Chinese animal?

yes it is

Is a red panda a vertebrate animal?


Is a red panda a real animal?

no get a life

Is a red panda an exotic animal?


Is a red panda a land animal?

Yes it is.

Another Chinese animals except for panda?

The Red Panda, a very different animal.

What is a pronoun for red panda?

The pronoun that takes the place of the compound noun 'red panda' is it.If the gender of the red panda is known, the pronouns he or she are used as a subject, and him or her are used as an object.Example: I saw the red panda at the zoo. It is a beautiful animal.

What is china favorite animal?

Probably the PANDA well it could be panda it might be the pandas cousin the red panda.

What is the animal on the Mozilla firefox logo?

red panda

What type of animal is Asian?

there is the panda.and the red panda.

Name an animal that has a bushy tail?

Red panda!

What animal eats red oak?

lesser panda

Which animal is also known as a Firefox?

Red Panda

Is the red panda a part of the rodent family?

The red panda is a part of the weasel family. It is a chordate in the animal kingdom as well.

What kind of animal is a red panda?

A red panda is a relative of the giant panda, as well as the raccoon. Right now, it has its own classified family called the Ailuridae.

What animal is bassarisk fur?

red panda(which is a fox) is bassarisk fur animal.