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Which states require a non-owners policy for proof of financial liability in order to get a drivers license when the person does not own a vehicle?


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2005-02-01 09:10:07
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North Carolina


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All Drivers are required to carry proof of financial responsibility while operating a motor vehicle on public roads. regardless of whether you own the veihcle or not. Most drivers who do not own a vehicle, but do drive, obtain Nonowners Auto liability insurance in orde rto maintain compliance with the law.

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It depends on what type of liability insurance you need. Contact an agent in your area.

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The same thing that happens if you have a regular drivers license or no license at all, There is no difference, the fact that you have a permit does not effect your financial liability. If you damaged some ones property or person, then you are still responsible regardless of your license status.

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Yes, if you have a MV Operators License, a motorcycle drivers license and liability insurance on the bike.

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Ordinarily an auto insurer will require a valid license as a condition of issuing a liability policy.

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