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Which structured analysis tool is used to model the function in any software specification?

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The tool that the company already owns, in most cases.

2012-08-23 18:36:43
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Q: Which structured analysis tool is used to model the function in any software specification?
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What is a software process?

A structured set of activities required to develop a software system. Specification Design Validation Evolution

What is software analysis?

Investigation of the function and consequences of software (computer programs).

How software is created?

Software creation requires different phases of software development life cycle. These are: Requirement analysis and specification Design Coding Testing Operation and maintenance

How you write software requirement specification for school management system?

software requirements specification of Administration Software

Structured walkthrough in system analysis and design?

Structured walk through is a management tool - it involves peer reviews to detect software errors during a program development activity.

What is a testing method based on an analysis of the specification of a piece of software without reference to its internal workings?

Black Box Testing

How does the application software development process work?

Software development process is the development of a software product. There are many steps to consider as a software developer. Some of these steps include checking specification, constructing, designing, testing, and other steps. Software development basically includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, and other activities.

What is difference between software Requirement Specification and user requirement specification in software?

Software requirement specifications include both installation and maintenance requirements, and functional aspects of software that a user needs. User requirement specification in software is the specifications about functional and user interface specification.

What is the difference between system specification and a software specification?

military specification

CATIA Applications in the tree specification means?

considering cost, compatibility and function, evaluate the software used in catia program

What are the different phases of software engineering?

1. Specification (Analysis) 2. Design 3. Implementation 4. Integration 5. Maintenance 6. Retirement

What is structured analysis all about?

Structured analysis is a set of techniques and graphical tools used by the analyst for applying a systematic approach to systems analysis. The traditional approach focuses on cost/benefit and feasibility analyses, project management, hardware and software selection, and personnel considerations. In contrast, structured analysis uses graphical tools such as Data Flow diagram, data dictionary, structured English, Decision tree, and decision tables. The outcome of structured analysis is a new document, called system specifications, which provides the basis for design and implementation. The primary steps included in structured analysis are: 1. Study affected user areas, resulting in a physical DFD. The logical equivalent of the present system results in a logical DFD. 2. Remove the physical checkpoints and replace them with a logical equivalent, resulting in the logical DFD. 3. Model new logical system 4. Establish man/machine interface 5. Quantify costs and benefits and select hardware. The structured specification consists of the DFDs that show the major decomposition of system functions and their interfaces, the data dictionary documenting all interface flows and data stores on the DFDs, and documentation of the intervals of DFDs through structured English, decision trees, and decision tables.

Is bluetooth a software?

No, it is a specification that has realisation in both hardware and software.

Can tester test software without software specification?

According software testing procedure the tester should be provided with software specification without understanding the procedure the tester is going to test nothing

What is a structure design?

Structured Design is the process of designing the structured-oriented software.

What is software requirements specification?

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a primary document for development of a Software. It is written by Business Analysts who interact with client and gathers the requirements to build the software. It goes through severl reviews through out the software life cycle.SRS is the main part of contains all Steps to be done in Documentation of Software Development.There are many steps like Market Survey, Analysis,Design, Functional and Structural Behaviour, etc...Just see the Software Engineering Book , by Pressmen.

Is idea-s the analysis software?

Yes, IDEA software is a type of data analysis software.

Explain the steps taken during software development?

1) Requirement Analysis 2) Specification. 3) Architecture. 4) Design, Implementation, and Testing. 5) Deployement and Maintenance.

Compare these specification agains the requirement of commercial software games utilites application?

compare these specification agains the requirement of commercial software (games, utilites, application)

What is the difference between a software process model and a software process?

the software process is a structured st of activities required to develop a software system: 1. specification 2. design 3. validation 4. evolution SW process model: is an abstract representation of a process. it represents a description of a process from a particular perspective. thx by reem othman

What are the advantage and disadvantages of having both requirements specification and requirements definition?

What are the disadvantage of software requirement specification

Software design specification?

In MIL-STD-2167A this is divided into 2 documents:SRS (Software Requirements Specification)SDD (Software Design Document)The SRS is usually written by a Systems Engineer to tell software what the program must do.The SDD is written by the Software Engineers to tell howthe program does that.

What should be in an Software Requirements Specification?

nWhat should be in an SRS?

What is the purpose of a test case specification in software engineering?


Why is requirement specification needed for software project?

In Requirement specification we specify the the requirements of the software project. It is important because if requirements are not properly specified the end product will not satisfy customer's requirement.