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baking soda is the weaker one

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Q: Which substance has the weakest base baking soda or ammonia?
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What are the examples of base substances?

Base is an aqueous substance that can accept protons. Some examples are: * baking soda * ammonia * sodium hydroxide * potassium hydroxide * barium hydroxide

Which type of substance is ammonia?

is a weak base

What kind of substance is ammonia?

Ammonia is an inorganic gas. It is also classed as a weak base.

What type of substance is baking soda?

A base.

Is an ammonia water an acid or a base?

Ammonia water is a base chemically, if it reacts with an acidic substance it will produce a salt that is dissolved in the water..

Is ammonia an amphoteric substance?

No, in order for a substance to be considered amphoteric it must be able to act as an acid and a base. Sodium sulfite will only act as a base, and thus it is not amphoteric.

Is Ammonia hydroxide a base?

The ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) is a basic substance.

Ammonia and lye are both types of what substance?

Poisons and bases. If you add water, Ammonia becomes a weak base, lye becomes a strong base.

Which is better base ammonia or baking soda?

Ammonia, NH3, with pKb = 4.76 is a better base thanmonohydrogen carbonate, HCO3- (from baking soda), with pKb,HCO3- = 7.64, which by the way is also a very weak acid: pKa = 10.25.Sodium ion, Na+ (from baking soda), is neutral, hence of no importance.

Are alkali solutions bad conductors of electricity?

It depends on the alkaline substance you use. A soluble ionic base, such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or potassium hydroxide (potash lye), would conduct electricity well. A solution containing a covalent base such as ammonia would be a poorer conductor.

Is ammonia an base?

Yes ammonia is a base.

Is ammonia base or salt?

Ammonia is a Base