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Q: Which term describes a microscope's ability to produce a clear image?
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Early microscopes -lenses made images but not clear?

appear closer

How do microscopes differ magnification and resolution?

Before we analyze exactly how microscopes differ magnification and resolution is it important to know the difference between the two. When we talk about a microscopes magnification it is a reference to how much the microscope can enlarge an image. However, when one refers to a microscopes resolution it is the ability for the microscope to produce a sharper and more clear image. Thus, resolution is the ability to tell two points apart from each other. For instance, imagine we place a small cell under a microscope. If the cell is very large it has a large magnification but that does not mean that it has a good resolution; the cell may appear fuzzy. However, by tweaking the resolution the cell can come into full detail and may be examined. Magnification is usually described as 10x or 100x, which means 10 times or 100 times the size. Resolution can be described as any unit of measure. For instance, if your microscope can make a distinction between two points that are 1 micrometer away from each other the resolution can be said to be 1 micrometer.

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Why do light microscopes use light?

so that when you want to see what the thing that your looking at is clear and you can see it and so it wont be dull or dark ...

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Which tool is most likely to produce a clear image of very tiny structures inside a cell?

High powered, high resolution microscopes.

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