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Q: Which theory of governments was first imposed by force?
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Which theory about the origins of government holds that government was the first imposed by force?

Force Theory

Which theory about the origins of government holds that government was first imposed by forced?

Force Theory

Which theory about the origins of government holds that government was first imposed by force?

The origin of government emphasizes the power of violence through the force theory.

What is necessities?

The Necessity Theory or Force Theory says that states must be created by force. At some point, a great warrior imposed his will up the weak.

What is necessity or force theory?

It maintains that states must have been created through force, by some great warriors who imposed their will upon the weak.Source:Textbook on the Philippine ConstitutionHector S. De Leon 1999 editionChe♥ODturtle

Four theories of the origins of government?

Evolution Theory, Force Theory, Divine Right Theory, Social Contract Theory

Is force an elastic force?

No, force is not an elastic force. Elastic force is a specific type of force exerted by a material when it is deformed, such as when a spring is compressed or stretched. Force, on the other hand, is a push or pull that can cause an object to accelerate or deform.

What is force theory of the state?

The force theory of the state argues that governments emerge and maintain power through the threat or use of force. It suggests that those in power control society through military or police power, using coercion to maintain order and authority. This theory has been critiqued for overlooking other factors that contribute to the formation and stability of states.

What are four theories which explain the origins of a state?

The Force Theory: controlling an area and the people using force\ Evolutionary therory: governments evolved from the family, clan, tribes, etc. Divine Right: the right to rule is given by God Social contract theory: people give power to the government and have rights

What is Main idea of force theory?

The main idea of the force theory is that the state has the right to rule over its citizens through the use of force and coercion. This theory suggests that governments maintain authority by using power to control the population and enforce laws and regulations. It emphasizes the importance of a strong central authority to maintain order and stability within a society.

What theory Imagine that a group of people attacks and defeats another group Then the first group's leader becomes the ruler of the defeated group?

The theory that describes this scenario is known as conquest theory. It suggests that the leader of the victorious group establishes their rule over the defeated group through force or military conquest. This concept is prevalent throughout history, where conquerors often imposed their authority and governance over the conquered population.

What is government force theory?

force theory of the government