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Which title is edge going for?

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The World Heavyweight championship. In 2010, Edge came back and won the Royal Rumble. He chose to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

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Is edge going to go for the WWE title?

he is going after the wwe title

Is Edge going to win at WrestleMania 27?

Yes, Edge is going to WrestleMania 27 as WWE World Heavyweight Champion to defend his WWE World title against #1 contender of World's title Alberto Del Rio.

Who will win title from sheamus?

Either John Cena or Edge because Edge is going to return and win the 2010 royal rumble match

Is undertaker going to win the world heavyweight title?

yes becoz undertaker is far more powerfull than edge

Edge held a WWE title?

Edge has been a WWE champion on Raw.

What is the title of the entrance song of edge?

The entrance song of Edge is 'Metalingus' by Alter Bridge.

What was the first WWE tables match?

it was Kane vs edge for the world heavyweight title edge won

How many times edge wins heavyweight title?

Edge is a 5 time World Heavyweight Champion.

Did WWE superstar edge win the world title?

Edge won 11 world title his last world title was at wrestlemania 27, where he won has last world title.the next night he retired because of leg injury.

How many times did Edge win the world title?

EDGE has won the title 11 times as of Februrary 18, 2011 on Friday night Smackdown when dolph Ziggler got fired.

What is going to happen at wm27?

The Awful one will finally drop the WWE Title The streak will NOT be broken. Edge will beat that Latino loudmouth. Orton will eliminate Nexus once and for all.

Did edge win against Kane?

No He lost because one of Kane's arms was on edge when edge also pinned Kane so the referee handed Kane the title

Who is better Christian or edge?

they are about even but i would have to say edge because edge has had alot more world titles than christian and beat christian in 2001 for the intercontinental title

The original title of Stephenie Meyers twilight book was going to be?

the original title was going to be "Forks" and jaspers name was going to be ronald and rosalies name was going to be carol

Did WWE edge return?

no he isnt going to

How will batista win the WWE title?

Batista just needs to pin Edge

Who won at WrestleMania 27 between edge and Alberto del rio?

Edge won the title again agenst alberto delrio at wrestle mania

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