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Which two ancient civilization had the greatest influence on western Europe?


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Its debatable but probably ancient Rome and Greece

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Ancient Rome has contributed many things to our western civilization and one of their greatest contributions was their principles of government.

As the first ancient civilization, Greek has a large contribution and influence to western civilization such as architecture, math, entertainment(arts, drama, etc.), science, politics, language, and the like.

David Gress has written: 'From Plato to NATO' -- subject(s): Ancient Philosophy, Civilization, Western, Historiography, History, Influence, Liberalism, Philosophy, Philosophy, Ancient, Political science, Western Civilization

There are several reasons that ancient Rome is important, but the most important one is that the ancient Roman civilization is the basis for our western civilization and our western culture.

No. Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of western civilization. Egypt was the very first western civilization, but Greece gets the title as the birthplace of western civilization. Also, Egypt is in the eastern hemisphere.

Democracy and the western civilization!

A large part of ancient Greek culture was its concept of a variety of gods, goddesses and demi gods. They can be called pagan gods and the Greeks to one degree or another believed that pleasing their gods was a way to find peace and prosperity. The pagan style of beliefs did not influence western civilization in any large measure.

everything was perfect.that's how it influenced western civilization cuz we want everything to be perfect as well.

Ancient Greece has had a powerful influence on the world today. Much of what Western Civilization holds as valuable in art, philosophy, science, and politics was originally invented (or, discovered) and prized as "human" by the ancient Greeks, particularly the city-state of Athens.

The Ancient Greek civilization served as the foundation for the arts educational systems, language, philosophy, politics, and science in Western Europe. Through the Roman Empire, ancient Greek concepts such as democracy and republic came about.

many justice systems in the western world are based on the code of justinian. this shows the enduring influence of which ancient culture?

Because that is where the world's first civilization occurred (ancient Mesopotamia).

Greek religion, like any ancient religion, has a minimal impact on western civilization in itself. It gave us myths and stories and we sometimes can learn a lesson from them. However the biggest influence the Greek religion has on the entire world is the Olympic Games. The Olympics were religious festivals held to honor the god Zeus.

Narrowed down to one "greatest" accomplishment is not easy to answer in that a civilization that controlled most of what can be called the known Western-Mediterrean World for over 10 centuries, namely ancient Rome, has many great accomplishments.In my opinion the ancient Roman military was its greatest accomplishment. The "empire" survived and expanded due to the flexible and powerful military system and its great generals.

Classical Greece was the birthplace of Western Civilization because the Athenians in Ancient Greece had the idea to be ruled by a Democracy which most Western civilizations use today

They passed on literature, architecture and art, new words today are often derived from Greek words, eg para...., psycho...., phon...

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