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Catholic & Protestant.

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Q: Which two denominations of Christianity are represented in Ireland?
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Who are two denominations of Christianity?

Baptist and Methodist are two denomintations of Christianity.

Which are the two major sects of Christianity in Northern Ireland?

Catholics and Protestants.

What two branches of Christianity emerged as a result?

As the result of what? The 'denominations' or branches of Christianity after some differences are: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant. Each of these have numerous 'sects' within them.

Is the Catholic Church part of salvation Army?

No, two different denominations of Christianity. Catholicism being significantly larger.

What is the religion of Scotland?

The largest religion by membership in Scotland is Christianity (of which the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church are the two largest denominations)

Can a protestant and Anglican marry?

Anglicanism is another protestant sect of Christianity, and there is no logical reason why a couple from these two denominations shouldn't be able to marry.

How were Catholics and Protestants opposed in Ireland in the 1900s?

The two opposing ideologies in Ireland in the early 1900s were Unionism, which was primarily represented by Protestants, and Irish Nationalism, which was primarily represented by Catholics. Irish Nationalists believed in the separation of Ireland from Britain. Unionists believed in maintaining the relationship between various nations of the United Kingdom.

How many christian denominations can be found in Jamaica?

their two denominations in jamaica

How many cricketers have represented two countries?

Ion Morgan played for England & Ireland. Kevin Piterson Played for S.Africa and England.

What denomination of Christianity disagree's with homosexuality?

They are a couple that are accepting of it the episcopals and another one or two that I forgot the names of. But virtually all sects and denominations are against being gay

What religion does Ireland have?

Ireland is primarily Christian, specifically Roman Catholic, followed by Church of Ireland (Anglican). There are of course churches of various denominations throughout Ireland, but these are the two that are most popular. Mostly Catholic in the South. In Northern Ireland the majority of the population is Protestant. the religion in the republic is mainly catholic and in northern Ireland its catholic prodestant the dail is the name of the government buildings in dublin Ireland is a Christian Catholic country.

What are the two factions of Islam?

There are more than two factions! Just as there is a multiplicity of different sects and denominations in Christianity, Islam is practiced differently in different countries and by different groups. Although I think the answer you are looking for is Shi'a and Sunni.

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