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mass and velocity

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Q: Which two factors affect the average kenetic energy of the particles of any type of matter?
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What three factors affect gas pressure?

The factors that affect the particles, and thus pressure, of an enclosed gas are it's temperature, it's volume and the number of particles.

What factors affect the behavior of liquids?

Fixed location of particles

What is Dissolving the particles size?

How do the following factors affect the rate of dissolving for temperature change

What factors most affect the rate of diffusion in a liquid or agas?

The two factors that will most affect the rate of diffusion would be temperature and size or mass of the particles diffusing.

How do environmental factors affect the health of lung tissues?

Environmental factors like dirt can poorly affect the health of the lung tissues if inhaled. These particles will agitate the tissue.

What are the factors that affect the rate at which a substance dissolves?

heat, because the particles move further apart.

What are some factors that affect coulomb slaw?

Factors that affect Coulomb's Law includes the particle charge and the distance between the charges. Coulomb's Law states that the force between the charged particles is related to the amount of charge each of the particles carries.

How does thermal energy affect kinetic energy of particles?

Thermal energy is the average kinetic energy of all particles in a substance.

Besides the properties of the particle itself what other factors can affect the settling rates?

Other factors that can affect the settling rates are volume. ( whether it has increased or decreased). The lighter particles can catch wind and glide as their falling, resulting in a slower settling rate. The speed and turbulence of the fluid the particles are flowing in can also affect the settling rates. Lastly, the weight of the particles.

What factors affect paper chromatography?

If you're talking about the factors that affect movement of the substance (mobile phase) up the filter paper, that would be: -size of particles -solubility in the solvent -adsorption to paper

What 3 outside factors affect a community?

average amount of sunlight and rain, and the average temperature of the region.

What are the 3 factors that affect the gas pressure?

Pressure can be seen as the force that the gas particles can exert. The first factor that affects this is temperature, as it is a direct measure of average particle movement. Then we also have volume. The lower the volume, the greater the pressure if the number of particles is the same. Closely related is the last factor, which is number of particles or "n".

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