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Q: Which two opposing groups were to share the land of Palestine after World War 2 ended?
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When did Palestine Times end?

Palestine Times ended in 2007.

When did Palestine pound end?

Palestine pound ended in 1950.

When did Palestine Railways end?

Palestine Railways ended in 1948.

When did Mandatory Palestine end?

Mandatory Palestine was created in 1920.

When did All-Palestine Government end?

All-Palestine Government ended in 1959.

When did Socialist League of Palestine end?

Socialist League of Palestine ended in 1946.

When did Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society end?

Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society ended in 1896.

What two groups defeated the Turks in the middle east?

Palestine & Syria ANSWER 2: The allied British and U.S. forces defeated the Turks and ended Caliphate rule in the Middle East.

What is palestines legal system?

There has not been a state of Palestine since the mandate ended in 1948.

Why did Israel want to declare itself a state?

The Jewish communities on the coastal area of historic Palestine declared a state for them to protect themselves after the British Mandate on Palestine ended. .

When did United NLF Groups end?

United NLF Groups ended in 1979.

Why do you think the partnerships Tecumseh built among Indian groups ended after his death?

It ended because there was no one to lead the groups after Tecumseh died.