Which two presidents who believed all nations should be free?

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John f. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln
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If two guys say that a girl likes you should you believe them or not?

Obviously it sounds as if you realize your buddies can be pranksters at times. The way you can prove this one way or the other is by being where this girl is and start talking to her. You'll know if she likes you or not. If she does ask her out! Good luck I'd say yes most times. yea sometimes we ( Full Answer )

Why should i believe all this advice?

Answer . advice is something that helps you belive you can do it;its like an auddit service;you depend on it to show you the right path.But to awnser your question,you belive any advice you want. whatever avice makes you feel better is the advice you should belive. .

Which two US presidents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

The Presidents buried at Arlington are John F. Kennedy (35th President) and William Howard Taft (27th President). Taft died on March 8, 1930 and was buried there on March 11, 1930. Kennedy was killed in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and was buried in a special area outside of the main cemetery ( Full Answer )

Why should education be free for all?

shouldn't people be equal ? why do people with money just get to learn? its not fair to people that don't have the same money. there's really smart talented people that are out there but what if they don't have the money? that's not fair to them some people deserve to get a higher education and they ( Full Answer )

Does Obama believe children should say the National Anthem in school?

I belive he does, because there is nothing wronge with it. It is also the American thing to do, which is to support/ encourage our soldiers to keep up the hard work!. Edit: I have no idea if this is true, but I know Obama is considering some schools in DC that do not say the National Anthem or the ( Full Answer )

Why did john Adams believe a legistlature should have two houses?

The theory is that there should be a "lower" house with fast turnover to keep in touch with the times, and an "upper" house whose members would stay in office longer so that they could have a "long view" of the laws they were passing. To bad that it only worked for a hundred years or so.

Why did john Adams believe a legislature should have two houses?

Originally, the two houses represent two different interests. under the original Constitution the senate represented the state, and the house represented the people. which may or may not have similar interests. you may be interested the orignally, the senators were appointment by the state (not elec ( Full Answer )

What Pericles believed all citizens should do?

Well, my textbook says he believed citizens duties were to pay taxes , and defend the city.He also pointed out that all the citizens were part of the community and should obey the constitution, which the citizens agreed with.Hope this helps

What did President Hoover believe the government should do about the Great Depression?

President Hoover believed that during tough economic times, people should (and some would) help themselves. While Americans wanted their president to do something about the depression, Hoover wanted the Americans to do something about their "own" problems. Hoover stated, "The lesson should be consta ( Full Answer )

Why should you pay off all the national depts?

National Debt?. Well, how would we do that? Nationalize every big and small company, sell those to people overseas and take that money and payoff the Chinese, OPEC and others who hold our Treasury notes and T bills? I don't think so.. As longas we can sell the debt at a reasonable cost we have lit ( Full Answer )

You now have two grandkids you have had the one in a car seat in the middle back How should you position the new car seat in the back seat you believe you can use all three positions?

It really depends on the car seats that you have. How old/big is the older child? Is s/he in a booster or car seat? You should be able to put one seat on either side of the car, with the middle seat empty. Depending on the size of your back seat and the sizes of the car seats, you *might* be able ( Full Answer )

Is WikiAnswers all true and shiv should believe it?

Just like any on-line forum - there is no guarantee that any answers posted here are (a) truthful or (b) accurate. You should always verify any answer here with an external website, rather than take the contribution at 'face value'.

Which two vice presidents were not elected in a national election?

Nelson A Rockefeller, 1974-77 was appointed to the Vice-Presidency following the resignation of Richard Nixon and the succession of Gerald Ford to the Presidency. His predecessor, Gerald Ford, was also appointed to the Vice-Presidency, but did succeed to the Presidency on Nixon's resignation.

Which god should all believe?

we should to belive the god who made all the world and those think the god who is behind the sky

Christians should all believe in the same things?

Hogwash. There are many mysteries in the universe, and it's the people who go against popular opinion who make progress and change the world. Being Christianity should, if anything, increase diversity as we are called to love and support others based on who they are (children of God), rather than wh ( Full Answer )

Why would Washington believe that the president should be accessible to the citizens of the country?

Washington wanted to make sure that nobody thought of the President as being a king or a royal personage. He insisted on being called "Mr. President" instead of "your highness" or some other term used for royalty. He did not want to be paid for his service as President. He thought of the president a ( Full Answer )

What did president Eisenhower believe that the fall of one nation to communism would lead to others was?

This idea was known as the "domino theory". The domino theory was used by successive United States administrations during the Cold War to justify the need for American intervention around the world. Referring to communism in Indochina, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower put the theory into words d ( Full Answer )

Why are there only two presidents buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

Every President has the right to be buried at Arlington, because they serve over our armed forces while in office. The only answer I know is that they choose not to take this honor, and be buried with family, or closer to their home. In a way this shows humility. Fun fact: Ronald Reagan gave up his ( Full Answer )

Should all Christians believe in the doctrine of trinity?

Yes; the Trinity is one of the key points in Christianity. Allthree, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all fully and completely intheir nature God, and together are One God. It seems confusing, butGod shouldn't really be easy to understand if he's God. God the Father, of course, is vital to Christian ( Full Answer )

Who believe all people should study the Bible?

First and above all, God wants people to read the Bible, I guess all Christians would like to see people read the Bible. As for studying the Bible, it will occur more and more when a person reads the Bible.

Which two presidents had their nationality questioned?

The first was Chester Alan Arthur. His father was a Canadian and her and his wife had lived in Canada before they moved to Vermont where Chester was born, However, the place in Vermont where he said he was born is very near the Canadian and some claimed that he had actually been born in Canada. Th ( Full Answer )

Which document states that all people should be free to worship?

The Constitution of the United States. However, it is illegal to physically harm others regardless of religion. So muslims can be muslims in America, but are never allowed to do what they call "honor killings" or terrorism. Hopefully they don't even want to do those things.

Who was Dred Scott and why did he believe he should be free?

A slave who applied for his freedom on the grounds that he had once lived on free soil. But he had moved back to slave-country with his master, and local judges referred his case to the Supreme Court in 1857. The Court decided to interpret the Constitution as the Founding Fathers would originally h ( Full Answer )

Should President Obama keep all national monuments closed until everyone is signed up for ObamaCare?

This is another of those political questions that is difficult to answer. This one implies the shutdown in President Obama's fault (it's not-- it's the fault of congress, and specifically the Republicans in the House of Representatives, who tried to defund the Affordable Care Act and were willing to ( Full Answer )

What should the president do to help the nations economy?

I do not think there is any quick fix. He has already tried severalthings that did no work. In the long run, it would help to reducecorporate taxes, with a corresponding reduction in spending, andcut some of the red tape that restricts and harasses businesses.

Why should all Muslims believe on qala qadr?

It you mean Qaza Qadr, Destiny, it is necessay to believe that itis in the hands of Almighty Allah. It is one of the basic beliefsof the Muslims.