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which type of health insurance program would a retired army general be eligible for

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Q: Which type of health insurance would a retired army general be eligible for?
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Who is eligible for Celtic Health Insurance?

Anyone who does not currently have a health insurance plan is eligible to apply for a Celtic Health Insurance plan. They have 4 different types of plans to choose from.

Is a part time employee eligible for health insurance?

It depends ... most companies require employees to be full-time to be eligible for health insurance. Check with your HR department.

Can you become eligible for medicaid even though you already have health insurance?


Do part time employees of Sears get health insurance?

yes--as of 6/2012, Sear's part-time employees are eligible to enroll for health insurance.

Where can I look into getting free health insurance?

For free health insurance there are various programs for your city. Also, if you are a retired military service member you may qualify for free or low cost health insurance.

What is the difference in childrens' insurance and adult insurance?

The main difference between children's and adults health insurance is that children may be eligible for low- or no-cost insurance through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

What particular people groups does The Health Insurance Group provide insurance for?

The Health Insurance Group provide insurance for individuals, families and businesses. They also provide health insurance for members of the armed forces and retired police officers who may sometimes struggle to get insurance.

Is kaiser health insurance transferable from a state to another state?

I am retired and have kaiser insurance in california, will i have coverage in colorado

Is health insurance coverage mandatory in Massachusetts?

Health insurance coverage is mandatory in Massachusetts for anyone over 18 who can find affordable insurance. Those with low income may be eligible for insurance at no cost.

Is aarokyadaan eligible for tax exemption under 80D?

Section 80D includes all sort of medical insurance policies. I am not sure what aarokyadaan is, but if it is a health insurance policy, then yes it is eligible

Is in many other countries health insurance is considered as a part of life insurance?

In India, LIC of India sells health policy viz., Jeevan Arogya. But technically, health insurance policy comes within the purview of general insurance. Star Health & Allied Insurance Co.Ltd. in the general insurance sectors sells only Health insurance polcies.

What does Amerigroup health insurance cover?

"Your coverage if you have Amerigroup health insurance will determine exactly what treatments and procedures you are eligible for. They also have supplemental plans that cover what your current health provider does not, including dental and health education."