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yes--as of 6/2012, Sear's part-time employees are eligible to enroll for health insurance.

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Q: Do part time employees of Sears get health insurance?
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Do part time employees get health insurance under ObamaCare?

Obama's health care plan does not require employers to extend health insurance benefits to part-time employees.

Are part time employees entitled to health insurance?

Typically, companies do not give health benefits to part-time employees.

Does an employer have to offer health insurance to part time employees?


Do part time employees of Sherwin Williams get health insurance?

No. Only worker's comp.

Is a part time employee eligible for health insurance?

It depends ... most companies require employees to be full-time to be eligible for health insurance. Check with your HR department.

Do you have to offer your part time employees health insurance?

No if they work typically less than 32 hours.

Does Advantage Sales and Marketing offer health insurance to part time employees?

It takes close to a year to gain health insurance (1000 hours). The average part-timer works 20 hours per week.

Does a company have to offer health insurance to all employees?

No it can have eligibility limitations as setup by the business structure. For example some only offer insurance for full-time employees and others hve a longer waiting period for part-time employees

Can a business provide insurance for part time employees?

Absolutely. In fact, a great way to attract employees is to provide a benefits package that can include health and life insurance. The employer may generally require the participating employees to contribute to the premiums.

Does caribou coffee offer health insurance for part time employees?

Yes, if you work a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Will hourly employees get medical insurance in America?

Employees will get group medical insurance if they are at companies with 50 or more employees and work 30 hours per week for at least 120 days a year. Whether the employee is hourly or salaried does not matter. This is the "employer mandate" part of the health reform law. Employees at smaller companies might also be offered a health plan, but smaller companies are not required by health reform to do so. The same is true for part-timers: some employers may offer part-timers coverage, but it is not required. Regardless of employment, all U.S. citizens and certain other legal residents will be required to have health insurance. This is the "individual mandate" part of the law.

Is against the law or employer to refuse health insurance?

It is not against the law for an employer to refuse health insurance to their employees. Many companies and major corporations do offer health insurance through health benefits administrators, which are part of the HR department of the company you work for. You might want to get more information about this for your company or from the health benefits administrator of your company.