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From everything I have heard Classical Music has the greatest effect on studying.This music calms the right side of your brain(the artsy side), while leaving the left side(the logical side) for learning. Mozart has been used for child development. Heavy metal or scream helps EVERBODY to ease their minds and focusate on their studies! MYNAMEISFDER

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Which type of music has the greatest affect on a plants growth?

to mama

What type of music did they listen to in 1508?

Frazer music and frazer is the greatest

Does the type of music affect your heart rate?


Does music affect concentration give sources?

Music can affect concentration depending on the type of music. Loud music can distract someone from being able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Does music affect fashion?

Music can affect fashion through subcultures which are into a certain kind of music. For example, the punk movement was associated with a certain type of fashion.

What has the greatest affect on metabolism?

The type of foods you eat and the amount of exercise

Does the type of music affect the way spiders make their web?


In what type of climate would chemical weathering have the greatest affect on the land?

warm and moist

Which of these would have the greatest affect on type of foundation that home builders use?

soil types

How does music affect the way you do homework?

It depends on the type of music. Loud music or music with heavy beats or vocals will distract you. Soft, instrumental music helps you concentrate better.

Does the type of music affect a person's eating rate?

CeddyBu the rap sumo

Does the type of music that you listen to affect what you are working on?

yes slow music helps you concentrate but fast with lyrics distracts you mostly

How does Selena Gomez affect the world?

she brings a different type of music to the publics eye

Which type of chromosomal disorder seems to have the greatest affect on a Pearsons health and why would this be the case?

autosomal disorder

How does music affect test grades?

Music can brighten up how you feel or it can take you down to stress. Depending on what type of test grades you are speaking of, music will help with music itself and math or language.

What type of music did sviatoslav Richter play?

Sviatoslav Richter was based around classical music repertoire.He is widely considered to be one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century.

How does a certain type of music affect a person's ability to concentrate?

It helps people block out other noises and focus more on what their doing therefore music helps people concentrate then without music.

What type music of music is punta?

it's a type of music from Honduras

How does classical music affect the brain?

Classical Music does not have any different effect on the brain than any other type of music. So no, playing Mozart while your baby sleeps will not make him/her a genius.

What is the palindrome for a type of music?

Pop is a type of music.

Does music affect a dog's emotions like it does to people?

depends on the type of dog u have.. but more than likely yeah

What type of music do Jews play on Hanukkah?

If music is played, it can be any type of music.

What type of music did the blues sing?

The blues is a type of music

Is music a type of art?

yes music is a type of art!

What type of music do Americans listen to?

Every type of music.