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What occurs when you try to protect yourself from immediate injury is a phenomenon called the Central Nervous System Reflex Arc. For example, if you inadvertently touch a hot stove, an involuntary Concentric contraction occurs, which shortens your muscles (your Biceps being one of the major groups in this instance). This involuntary action helps to prevent you from being burned, so that you can quickly withdraw your hand. It works like this: Sensory info from the hot stove is processed by the nerves in your spinal cord without the involvement of your brain. Although your brain also receives the painful stimulus, the benefits of this involuntary Central Nervous System Reflex Arc protects you from immediate harm.

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Q: Which type of spasm is a reflexive reaction against injury?
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Is it dangerous if you pass out then hit your head and have a spasm?

A head injury that causes a spasm is definitely serious. Get checked out.

What is the first response in a blood vessel injury?

Vascular spasm

What is function of vascular spasm?

Vascular spasm constricts blood vessels in response to injury, reducing blood flow and preventing excessive bleeding. This temporary constriction helps to limit blood loss and promote clot formation at the site of injury.

What triggers a spasm?

a muscle spasm occurs when the muscles have been tense for a long period of time and then you make a sudden movement and it causes it to spasm. I have suffered with muscle spasm's in my back for about a year now due to a back injury and this is what my doctor has told me, it can be treated with diazapam to relax the muscle's.

What you call when a muscle contracts involuntarily?

cardiac and smooth

Which joints are affected in carpopedal spasm?

carpopedal spasm are spasm of the hand or foot, or of the thumbs and great toes.

When was Spasm - album - created?

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What cell term rhymes with spasm?

Cytoplasm rhymes with spasm.

Which chemical is released to bring about vasoconstriction during the vascular spasm of phase of hemostats?

During the vascular spasm phase of hemostasis, the release of endothelin causes vasoconstriction. Endothelin is a potent vasoconstrictor that helps narrow blood vessels to reduce blood flow at the site of injury, aiding in the initial stages of hemostasis.

How do you write a sentence using the word spasm?

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Antonyms of spasm would be calm, relaxed, still.

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