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Q: Which verb is the linking verb in the sentence The course seems difficult but the skiers enjoy the challenges?
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Can you use process in a sentence?

Yes, of course! Example: "This process is very difficult."

How On Territory War Online do you get to Challenges?

Of course you get to do challenges, Just look for them

Can you give a sentence with the word decided?

He decided that it was best to drop the difficult course so he could get a better grade in a lower level.

What challenges do you face learning a new language?

There are lots of challenges that you will meet when learning a new language show three points of my opinion there are: -Difficult to learn: because you not the native speaker. -Different culture: it should be a different culture that you learn through the course. -Strange feeling: You can also change your morality by learning through other country's course.

How can a challenging situation alter the course of a person's life?

By making it more difficult to get back to the way their life used to be. Now they have to face many challenges to start a new beginning. it altered their life by making it more challenging and more difficult to go by.

A sentence with course?

Of course I can give you a sentence with course. I didn't even need to take any course to figure out how to do it. Hope this sets you on the right course.

Did Leonardo da Vinci face challenges?

yes of course he did

Is stay always a linking verb for example in she stays home is home a subject complement?

ya of course

Can i start a sentence with but?

But of course you can!

How can you use 'course' in a sentence?

I like 3-course meals.I took a course in collage about medical information.That is one big golf course.

Can you make a sentence with like?

Of course

How do you use can in the sentence?

yes of course can

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