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A Double Negative?

As an open ended answer, the following are NOT reasons used by the United States Government for moving the Indians from their lands by force:

  • The United States is a fair and equatable nation that can be trusted.
  • The United States believes in honoring the treaties signed with native Americans for possession of the lands.
  • The United States Government believes it is treason to violate article 6 of the US Constitution.
  • The United States honored and respected the Indian.
  • The United States believed that Indians have the same rights as any other man, under law.
  • The United States believed that the Indians were in possession of worthless land.
  • The United States believed that the Indian would prosper on some of the most worthless land on the continent.
  • The United States believed that the Indian would assimilate to European ideals of surfdom, slavery and second class citizens.
  • The United States believed that the Indian would live comfortable lives as rich men from all the money they paid for the land they took.
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What is inhumane path the Cherokees moved west on?

Critical Path

Why did the Cherokees move west?

The Cherokees had to move cause the settlers found out that the Cherokees found gold.The Cherokee moved west because President Andrew Jackson and the US Army ignored the ruling of the US Supreme Court and forced them at gun point to go.

What was the reason the Missionaries moved west?

To get some pepe.

Political reason why American settlers moved west?

Settlers moved West to make a better living, and the opportunity to buy land

When did the Cherokees move west?

In 1838

What are some political reason settlers moved out west?

so they could own slaves because it was legal in the west

What where some reason Oregon trail moved west?

They wanted the free land and gold

Which was not a reason that different groups of settlers moved west during the mid 1800s?

Which Native American tribe went west?


How many Cherokees were forced to move west?

About 17000

Any two of the southearstern Indian people who were removed?

The Creeks and the Cherokees were among the tribes moved West on the "Trail of Tears" on the orders (illegal by the way) of President Andrew Jackson.

Where do the Cherokees live?

Many of the Cherokee were forced from the Carolinas and Georgia and moved to Oklahoma.

Why were Cherokees moved to reservations?

Because the white men were coming and the moved the Indians to oklahoma, also known as the trail of tears.

Why were the Cherokees in poverty for so long?

Cherokees were a tribe where literacy rate was nil, they were dependent on agriculture or traditional textile. While the other segments had moved to industrialization, Cherokees took time to catch up so they were in poverty for long.

What was the Cherokees name for their forced journey west?

the Indian Removal Act

Why they moved west?

they moved west becaUse thEY were loocking for a bether life

Why did the califonios move to the west?

The reason the Californios moved west was because they wanted to build missions and convert the Native Americans to Christianity. This was the goal of many Spanish settlers.

Why were the Cherokees forced to move west?

Andrew Jackson believed that Native Americans should accept white culture or be moved to western territories. Jackson didn't think that they could have their own governments within the borders of the U.S.

Which southeastern tribe was the first to be moved west?

which southeastern tribe was the first to be moved west?

Where the Trail of Tears happened?

Cherokees were in GA and they had to be moved to Oklahoma so.. it happened between GA to Oklahoma 800miles!

Was the Cherokees homes permanent or easily moved?

The Cherokee homes were permanent because they lived in wig wams and longhouses.

What kind of people moved west in the eighteen hundreds?

the kind of people that moved west were pioneers.

Who moved west to obtain religious freedom?

Mormons moved west to escape religious scrutiny.

Why did the Americans move west?

The United States had massive amounts of federal land. The government was willing to give it away to anyone who wanted to farm it. That was the major reason why Americans moved west.

Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears?

This sad relocation of the Cherokees occurred after Jackson left office, but he set in motion the idea that Indians must be moved out of GA and Alabama into land west of the Mississippi, so must share some of the responsibilty

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