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Which way do you turn the crankshaft bolt to undo it on a 1996 Hyundai Excel Sprint 1.5 liter?


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Dont turn the crankshaft, put the vehicle in gear (manual - 5th gear preferred) or Park (auto), and if manual you also have a second person put their foot hard on the brakes (ensure vehicle is on jackstands) and using a breaker bar turn the bolt anti-clockwise. Tighten using the same method, and turning clockwise. I am after the tightening torque of that bolt, if anyone can help, it will be appreciated. Cheers, Owen For technical information, head to This is the North American Hyundai tech website. For year model, select the latest year that the Excel was available in the U.S., which was the '94 model. There shouldn't be any problems, as I have the '96 model myself and have used this information with no problems. Crankshaft torque can be found under the Engine Mechanical System/Engine Mechanical.