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Downloading Music for a One-Time Fee

Due to many legal issues with the artists that create music, no such websites exist. You may recall Napster used to offer a service called 'file sharing' which almost resulted in their demise.

Today you can purchase on a per-song or per-album basis, but nobody has been able to accomplish an open-ended subscription. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen because friends would simply share one account to download thousands of songs.

There is also Rhapsody - available only in the US and its posessions. Go to Rhapsody.

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Where can one download Sanity music?

A person can download Sanity music from websites that allow many different music downloads. Some of these websites include BearShare,, and Rhapsody.

How can one download YouTube videos and music?

There are various websites that will allow one to download YouTube videos and music. These websites, such as KeepVid, will let one paste the YouTube URL of a video into a bar and download it for you.

How can you download music without using 4shared or other music search engines?

There are several websites and apps that allow you to download music.You can use YouTube Music Downloader to download music from YouTube.Orbit Downloader can download music from various websites including Pandora, Deezer, iLike.You can use the Mp3 Music Downloader Android APP on Google Play.

Where can one download music by Krayzie bones?

One can download music by Krayzie Bones from a wide variety of file sharing or music download websites. Music downloading websites such as Rhapsody will offer music by Krayzie Bones, as well as video streaming websites such as YouTube.

What music download site do you use?

There are many good websites where one could engage in music downloading. Some of the best websites to download music would be websites like iTunes or Zune.

What are websites that you can download free music from?

You can download songs from 'mp3scull'

What are the best websites to download music off?

Don't download off websites, that's illegal. If you want to download music legally, download frostwire or limewire. If you want to know the website, google it.

What are the best websites to download music?

How o download free music?

Go to online websites for free music downloads and you should be able to download music from there

How do you download music to your phone?

Q. How do you download music to your phone of the Internet A. You Can Go Onto Websites Where You Can Download Music To Your Phone Just Type In "free music on your phone"

Why do schools block music websites?

They block music websites mostly because they are prone to giving viruses to the involved computers, and most music download websites are illegal.

What websites is it free and legal to download music?


What are some websites I can use to download music to an mp3 player?

Some of the top websites to download music for an mp3 player are:,,, and

How do you download music on to a PS3 any free websites?

use your ipod to download the musicbut it may take awhile to download if you have to much music.

Where can one download HD music tracks?

A person may download HD music tracks from many websites. Some websites which have HD music tracks available for download are KAT, Pirate Bay, 4-Shared, and Bee MP3.

Is it illegal to download music from a free music sharing website?

Most of the time. If you download music from websites like Limewire it is definitely illegal.

Websites that allow you to listen to music in school?


What are some music websites schools allow?

What are some websites that have a classical music stream?

You can stream and listen to classical music from websites like iTunes and Capradio. Some of the websites that allow you to stream this music may also sell the music.

Where can you find music to put on a CD?

You can download Limewire and download songs from there or search for websites where you can download songs.

Where could a person buy mp3's of music by Piccalo?

There are many websites that allow one to purchase this type of music to download to their MP3 player. Song Area contains a wide selection of this type of music and allows users to download these songs straight from their website.

Where can one download the Miami Dolphins fight song?

One can download the Miami Dolphins fight song from a variety of websites. Audiko, Football Fight Music, and Mp3skull allow one to download the Miami Dolphins fight song.

What are some good websites to download free music?

How do you download free music easily?

You can download programs like Ares or Limewire that will allow you to download, share and play music.ok

What are some legal websites to download free music?

There is no "legal" place to download free music. Its illigeal, yet websites are still up. But and the Youtube to Mp3 site is good