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Q: Which wheats are from Europe
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Related questions

What is the plural of wheat?

Wheat is a plural noun (like sheep)

When was Frosted Mini-Wheats created?

Frosted Mini-Wheats was created in 1972.

Can hamsters have mini wheats?

Just the kind with no flavor. No strawberry or whatever mini wheats!

Are frosted mini- wheats gluten free?

No, mini-wheats are made of wheat which contain the protein - gluten.

How many grams of sugar in mini wheats?

According to, there are 11 grams of sugar in each serving of Frosted Mini Wheats.

Are mini wheats gluten free?


Whats the song in the newest mini wheats commercial?

The song used in the Newest Mini Wheats commercial is called "Doo Wah Diddy" by Manfred Mann.

What happened to Vanilla Frosted Mini Wheats?

Nothing, they're still in stores. Only the Little Bites Honey Nut Mini Wheats were discontinued.

What is a major crop for Colorado?

Corn and wheats

How are wheats grown?

Above ground in stalks

What is the most energetic cereal?

mini wheats

When were mini wheats invented?

Kellogg's first introduced the United States to Frosted Mini Wheats in 1972. They were larger in size than the bite size portion that was introduced in 1980.

Which spieces of wheats cultivated in India?

bread wheat

Do frosted mini-wheats contain gluten?


What country do mini wheats come from?

Miniwheatia, obviously.

Where does white bread originate from?

from refined flour from the wheats

What Breakfast cereal begins with m?


Where can you find coco wheats cereal in what stores?


What is the category for bread?

Grains and Wheats

What target group is pasta linked to?

wheats and grains

What wheats have gluten in them?

All wheat contains gluten.

Who is the frosted mini wheats actor?

Michael J Fox

What do Weats eat?

wheats eat apples bannanas and peanuts

Is semolina good for you?

yes it is good for you because it is made of wheats

Who voices the frosted mini wheats?

Michael J Fox