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water will freeze faster do to the sugars andcarbohydratesin soda


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no water and soda freeze faster:) hope i helped:)

Plain water will always freeze faster than a drink that is carbonated and/or sugary.

water because it only has one ingredient but soda has a lot of ingredient's

Yes because salt is a substance that has high salinity and high temperature. Which means, salt will not freeze, unless you give it days or a week. Soda can freeze slower than salt, but not faster than water. Water probably is the fastest thing that freezes.

soda has bubbles, which hold warmer air than the temperature you are freezing it at.

water has a freezing point of 0ºC. Soda is made up of different substances that make it have a much lower freezing point, which is why it is quicker to freeze ice cubes rather than soda ice cubes

No because the chemicals such as caffeine freeze at a lower temp

because soda(s) contain carbonation, which hold warm air in them therefore lowering the freezing temperature.

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

water evaporates faster then soda

Yes soda contains acids that will not let the soda freeze faster.

Soda freezes faster because the sugar in the soda lowers its freezing rate and freezing point.

because it does not have gas

Cold air and hot water makes water freeze faster simply because the hot water is steaming and so the result is that there is less water to freeze. hot water = steam = less water less water = faster freeze cold air = faster freeze

Does water freeze faster than vinegar?

I suppose that pure water freeze faster.

I do not know the answer but i think hot water will freeze faster than cold water. wizgirl says~ i do not believe that water will freeze faster. that does not make sense at all.

no salt water does not freeze faster than sugar.

Water melts faster then soda because soda has many chemicals and water does not contain chemicals.

Salt water will freeze faster because salt soaks in heat, making the water colder faster

because soda is carbonated and carbonation creates energy so if water doesn't have carbonation it doesn't have energy and energy makes liquids go slow:)

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