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That depends on the application you have in mind. Copper is 'best' for conducting

electric current from place to place without loss. Aluminum is 'best' for keeping cost of installations down or where weight of the conductor is a factor. A larger conductor size has to be used when using aluminum wire to carry the same current as a copper wire.

Aluminum also has some issues backing out of connectors so its important to make sure the connectors are tight. The current is actually carried on the surface of the conductor, which is why stranded wire is better than solid wire, more surface area, but more expensive. Hence aluminum has been substituted for copper. Some applications will use steel wire and "flash coat" the steel wire with copper, so the surface is copper the base is steel.

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Silver is the best conductor of electricity. Following this is copper, gold and then aluminium.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity, with copper a close second. Gold is third on the list followed by aluminium. Power distribution systems commonly use copper for underground power lines and aluminium for overhead lines.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity. Following this is copper, gold and then aluminium. It is conductive because the metal element has free electrons in its outer valance shell.

Silver is the better conductor of the two elements, in fact it is the best. Gold comes in after copper and before aluminium.

They are the most cost effective while maintaining good conductivity for electricity. Gold is the best conductor, but is too costly to make into wires.

Of the metal elements, the three named in the question all have very good conductivity properties. Four metals that are associated with electricity starting from the best are, silver, copper, gold and then aluminium. Cost rules out the first and third in the list leaving copper and aluminium as the most common conductors used the electrical trade today.

Copper is a better conductor of electricity than gold.

Silver is the best conductor. Gold runs a close second and is used primarily on contact surfaces because of it's resistance to corrosion. Copper is next, followed by aluminium.CommentCopper is a better conductor than gold.

metals are the best conductor of heat and electricity. because the metals contains free electrons. the best conductor is silver (Ag). Metals like silver, copper & aluminium are good conductor of eleectricity as well as of heat.

Glass is the worst conductor of these, copper is the best.

Pure metals, silver. Then copper, gold and aluminium.

Copper is the best conductor of electricity. It is in the d block.

Copper is used for most wiring because it is the best conductor of electricity (after silver), so is used in house wiring. However copper is heavy (dense) and for overhead power lines aluminium is the preferred material, to simplify the design of pylons.

Silver is the best conductor of heat, closely followed by copper. Silver and copper are also the best conductors of electricity.

Copper wire is the best, glass is the worst. Coins are not bad, aluminium cans are OK for small amounts of current. Modern steel coins are worse than the old coins with copper in them.

No, it is the second best next to silver.

Copper is the best conductor of electric current apart from silver, and silver is too expensive to use for electrical circuitry, so copper is used instead. Copper is only slightly worse as a conductor. +++ Aluminium is also used, in certain applications anyway, as it is cheaper than copper but very slightly less conductive.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity, and as it is costly, copper is widely used.

Yes it can conduct electricity. It's the second best conductor of electricity after Silver. Almost all of the electrical wires are made of copper.Yes it can

Copper is the best because it holds and distributes the heat evenly. However cookware with copper is expensive.

The more pure the better. Pure copper.

the best conductor of electricity is silver and next is copper.

Copper is the best conductor of electricity other than silver.

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