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Color coding is different for different pieces of equipment. More information is needed.

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2009-08-23 23:12:14
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Q: Which wire is black and which wire is red when they are not marked?
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Why does a battery snap have a red wire and a black wire?

Red wire=positive Black wire=negative

What is the positive wire between the red and black wire?

Red wire is positive (+) and black wire is negative (-).

Is there a difference between black wire and red wire?

Yes, the red wire is a positive wire (+) and the black wire is a negative wire (-) :D

How do you know which wire goes where on a three prong dryer cord?

most dryer cords are flat and the connection on the dryer is split or the ground wire connection will be at a different height. The cord probably has black, red, and white wire. Black and red are hot and white is ground. It does not matter black and red or red and black, they are both hot. If the dryer is not marked it will be layed out so that the ground will be the center of the connection.

How do to install cooktop with red black and green wire while power source is with black and red wire?

Black to black. Red to red. Green to ground

How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green red to 240V 3 wire service black white red?

Connect black to black, red to red, and white to green.

Is the white wire in the thermotat a neutral?

the thermostat has a black(line) wire to it, and a red wire going to it. the red wire then connects to the neutral wire. the black and red are like a leg switch.

How do you wire a 1-way dimmer switch with a red and black wire only?

Connect the black wire to the incoming hot wire and the red wire to the out going load.

Is the red wire for plus or minus in a battery?

The red wire is Positive, (+) and the Black wire is Negative. (-)

How do you change the battery in a Cadillac?

1)Raise the hood. 2) Locate the battery. It will be that big black rectangle with a big red wire and a big black wire coming off it. 3) Remove the red wire and the black wire. Be careful not to touch both ends at the same time, or lay a tool across the two terminals. 4) Lift out the old battery. Careful, it's heavy. 5) Put in the new battery. 6) Reattach the red and black wires. The Red goes on the spot marked "+" and the black on the spot marked "-". 7) Spray a little skoooch of WD-40 on the terminals. 8) Lower the hood. 9) Start 'er up...

Which is the Hot wire and which is the Neutral wire if the wires you see are a Black a Red and a Yellow wire?

Black red and yellow is three-phase. there is no neutral.

How do you wire a cook top v 3 wire black red green to v 3 wire black white bare service?

Black to black. Red to white. Green to bare.

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