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Withhold is one word that does.

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Q: Which words have a single consonant before it and a double consonant after it?
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How many words have a single and a double consonant in the middle?

In the English language hundreds of words have double consonants in the middle or a single consonant in the middle or both. Here are a few examples: withhold and beryllosis You will find a lot of medical words have this consonant pattern.

What words have a short vowel followed by a double consonant?

Almost any word you can think of that has a double consonant preceeded by a vowel will have a short vowel sound, just as almost any word with a single consonant after the vowel will make the vowel a long sound. A few words that have a short vowel sound followed by a double consonant are: batter, better, bitter, butter, hemming, teller, messier and letter.

What are some words that double the final consonant before addition of a suffix beginning with a vowel?

redder forgoten

Words with consonant blends are easier to spell when?

Words with consonant blends are easier to spell when they only have a single consonant. In general, they can only have to three consonants.

What are some words that double the final consonant before addition of a suffix beginning with a vowel z?

z is not a vowel

Words beginning with X with a double consonant?


What word beginning with H has a double consonant?

Hobby, hubby, hugged, haggle, hottest and hatter are words. They contain a double consonant.

Words that double the final consonant before the addition of a suffix beginning with a vowel?

beginning, petting, running, stop shop pop

What words has two sets of the double consonant?


What words have a double consonant?

spammers, discussion, well, assassin, password

Are the words cheese and movie a double final consonant?

No. That would be words like " will" , " grass " ,like that.

What two-syllable words begin with X and have a double consonant?