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While setting timing the timing mark jumps back and forth whats wrong?


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If you hooked the timing light up properly, it should only show the timing marks when the #1 cyclinder fires. Considering how easy it is to hook up a timing light,I feel it safe to assume that the problem is elsewhere. The only other reason for a jumping timing mark would be that there is a speed mismatch between the distributor (and the firing of the #1 plug) and the crankshaft, where the timing marks generally are. I can think of 2 possible causes. - Is the distributor being driven at the correct speed and ratio? It should be running at half the speed of the engine; 2 revolutions of the crankshaft equals 1 revolution of the distributor rotor. However either replacing the distibutor with the wrong one or (more likely) stripped gears will screw this up. - Is the rotor actually spinning at the same speed as the distributor shaft? Though most distributor rotors are keyed to the shaft, this isn't always true. My Honda stalled on the road a few times after the set-screw fell out. Friction would drive the rotor at a rapidly decreasing and increasingly mismatched speed, so the engine would run oddly for a few seconds before dying. A timing light would've made for an interesting show whenever that happened. Rolfo adds: If your distributor has a vacuum line going to it and there is a leak somewhere, like a little hole in the diaphram of the vacuum advance, or in one of the vacuum lines, that would do it. Also I have seen a sloppy fitting distributor cap vibrate back and forth causing a similar symptom.


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Broken or weak spring on the timing chain tensioner? Worn out timing chain doesn't seem possible on a Festiva, mine's never been replaced and just turned 334,000 miles. I once had a problem with a Chevy Luv that threw me. It idled perfectly, like a clock, with 120 PSI on all four cyl, but rev it up any, and it backfired and went back to idle- Timing chain tensioner problem, they have two tensioners or guides.....


timing that jumps, usauly is motor turns over but does not fire. Or motor back fires, either out of carberator or muffler/tail pipe. you can also get a timing light, and point it at the timing metal indercator, just above the the pulley on your engine.

Yes, it if is worn and jumps a tooth.

usually they bend, the pistons and crank keep going and the cam position of the valve timing changes. if jumps one or two notches they probly won't hit and bend, however of the belt brakes or jumps a lot of teeth they will hidt.;

Yes... if the timing is not right anything can warp or crack... so be very careful. Kyle J

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if its 2002 /2003 with timing chain get the updated tensioner and new chain fitted before it jumps as these do at 50,000!

Not sure what you mean by "jumps". Maybe you need new struts or shocks.

It could be the timing belt jumps (wrong timing spark) or the faulty pressure regulator (to much fuel ro to little)

If it is an interference engine the valves can bend/break.

Needs new speed sensor or if it has a cable to the speedometer it needs to be replaced along with the housing.

Sometimes if the timing belt jumps a cog or two at idle the engine will still be OK even on an "interference motor". If, however the belt snaps at highway speeds, it can bend the valves.I hope this helps you. Mark

timing belt Whoever said timing belt doesn't understand constant velocity joints. If it is popping and jumping while turning, then you have a bad CV joint on one of the front axles. You can replace the joint for about the same price as replacing the entire axle, (2 joints). Do it yourself for under $150 or take to a shop for about $450.

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It will quit running if it breaks. That's the most common failure of a timing belt. It may run poorly and backfire if it slips or jumps a cog.

My 98 ford Taurus jumps while idlingidling

Four cylinder has a chain. Replace it when it breaks or has so much slack in it that it jumps timing. Replace the guides at the same time. They have wear limits.

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the spring in there is just out of whack...its not expensive to get it replaced I don't think. Mine does the same thing

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If you mean the belt fell off the gears while the engine was running, you will have to replace the cylinder head. This is a zero clearance DOHC motor. When timing jumps, slips, or belt slips or breaks, you WILL have broken valves. Be prepared for a lengthy search---even for a salvaged head---Daewoo parts are becoming scarcer by the day---good luck

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