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idk i get that too. I think its a sign that ur going to get ur period soon?

yeah i get that too and i haven't started my period so ^ might be right

Answer:The usually discharge happens after your period to clean out bacteria and extra blood.

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Is vaginal candida white discharge with no scent a sign that you are pregnant?

The vagina loses discharge naturally as its a natural vaginal lubrication. Excessive vaginal discharge can be a sign of pregnancy or ovulation.

What is white jelly out from vargina?

Vaginal Discharge.

What can cause brown vaginal discharge vaginal irritation soreness and redness?

that is a infection your vaginal discharge is supposed to be white,creamy, an clearish! i would get that checked out by a docter!

What does white discharge mean during the last weeks of pregnancy?

A white discharge usually means a vaginal infection.

What is the medical term meaning white discharge?

Leukorrhea is the medical term meaning white vaginal discharge that is not infectious or pathological.

You just came off depo a month and a half ago. What is the white sticky discharge that you see when you wipe after you urinate?

This discharge may be ovulation discharge, break through ovulation discharge, vaginal discharge from coming off the shot, normal vaginal discharge, yeast infection discharge, approaching period discharge or pregnancy discharge. There are many causes for vaginal discharge in women hun.

What color is the discharge for teens when pregnant?

Vaginal discharge should also be white or clear in colour and have no smell.

Could the Milk white vaginal discharge be a symptom of pregnancy?


There is white stuff instead of blood what is it?

Sounds like vaginal discharge.

What does it mean when you have white stuff in your underwear?

Its vaginal discharge. Nothing Bad.

Can an STD cause milky white discharge?

STDs can cause a milky white vaginal or penile discharge. See your health care provider for an exam if you have an unusual discharge.

Will a girl with hypo plastic uterus have white discharge?

Yes, because the discharge is largely from vaginal secretions. So, if she has a vagina, then she will have discharge.

What do vaginal emissions look like on clothing?

Normal vaginal discharge (when dry) leaves a colorless to white spot.

Does vaginal white discharge stop before period?

No, the white vaginal does not stop before the period. This is one natural way that the vagina cleans itself.

Is a milky white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

A vaginal discharge which looks like egg-whites is ovulation discharge. Prior to your period or after your period it is very common and normal to experience a white vaginal discharge that is not pregnancy related. It is your vagina keeping itself fresh and clean and preventing bacteria from causing a infection. But during pregnancy, a increase in vaginal discharge does occur and it continues to increase every few days.

What is the white stuff that come out of girls?

It is vaginal discharge which comes before periods.

Can pregnancy cause a milky white vaginal discharge?

Yes, increased white discharge without irritation or odor (leukorrhea) is a common symtom of early pregnancy. Such a discharge could also be a vaginal infection. See your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

What can you use to stop white vaginal discharge and the bad odor?

It's normal for the vagina to have sometimes white discharge and also a odor but if it smells bad like rotten fish you have a infection and needs to see the doctor so you get the right medication prescribed.

What is that sticky white stuff?

well, because this topic is menstruation, that "sticky white stuff" is vaginal discharge

Does birth control cause white vaginal discharge?

Some women complain of an increase in vaginal discharge on hormonal birth control. This discharge has no odor or itch. If it's troublesome, contact your health care provider for advice.

White mucus discharge from the uterus and vagina?

Vaginal discharge it means your period is coming soon make sure your prepared!

Does a stretchy white and clear vaginal discharge mean you are pregnant?

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.

What does it mean when white gooey stuff comes out of your vagina?

This white gooey stuff is called vaginal discharge. You get it 5 months- 1year before having your first period.This stuff also drys yellow so if your underpants are yellow not to worry it is just vaginal discharge. Even if you have already had your period you still may experience vaginal discharge.

Is vaginal doscharge yellow and chalky?

Vaginal discharge is usually cloudy, or a white color to clear. After it has dried, it is normal to have a yellow tint to it.

What is a white vaginal secretion?

A white or whitish vaginal secretion is generally not abnormal. It can be a discharge that occurs near the end of the menstrual cycle. If it is bothersome, it is best to see a doctor.