Who's to blame for teen pregnancy?

Well, since it takes "two" to complete the sexual activity, then both parties would share the responsibility (blame) for teen pregnancy. Unfortunately, it also casts a dark shadow for both sets of parents, as each silently wonders "what is wrong with her (his) parents that they would allow this sort of thing to happen?"

The boy needs to accept the responsibility of providing a home for his new-to-be arrival and his gal, whom should also get married. The guy needs to do whatever it takes to financially support his new family, provide for adequate shelter, food, clothing, buy a car, get medical insurance, etc. This is a huge burden now when one thinks about it ... burdens that were not thought of for even one second while enjoying a romp between the sheets. How life does turn ... Take responsibility for your actions, know exactly what you are doing and what can and will happen for the actions to take. Answer

I would blame the two teens who made it happen. It is disregard of messages they have received from any number of people, including parents, while they have been growing up. Of course, there is not any way for them to really take responsibility for supporting the child since they have no economic viability, but there are plenty of victims. Their parents and the child end up living with the situation. There are plenty of underparented kids who manage to think through consequences, rather than trying to exploit the holes in parental control, who choose not to get pregnant, so I don't think that can be held up as the problem. Neither can images on tv, advertising and so on be blamed--the teens carried it out.