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The first to find Universal Law was Albert Einstein and Newton. They discovered most of the basic laws of nature on outside Universe. The laws of the Universe, as they are called, apply to all elements of life, creation, awareness, and frequency experienced by all individually or collectively.

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Q: Who first identified the Universal Laws?
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Who discoverd the laws of gravity?

Isaac Newton first identified the beginning laws of gravity.

How many Universal Laws are there?

there are 12 universal laws

Symbol of universal gate?

The two categories for logic gates are basic logic gates and universal gates. Gates are identified by their function and universal gates are identified as NAND gate or NOR gate.

What is universal about Newton?

he made the 3 universal laws of motion

How can substantive and subordinate laws be identified?


Who identified the 3 laws?

3 Laws of ? Robotics - Isaac Asimov Physics - Newton.

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How does newtons first law explain keplors first law?

Newton's first and third laws of motion don't contribute anything to an understandingof Kepler's laws of planetary motion.Kepler's laws can be derived from Newton's law of universal gravitation, along with hissecond law of motion.

What are the universal law?

In anthropology there are no universal laws; in fact, philosophically, it is arguable that there are no universal laws at all. In physics there are several physical constants, such as the speed of light, which may be classified as universal constants or "laws;" however, in a nearly infinite universe with nearly infinite possibilities even these physical constants may not actually be constant.

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Who explained the laws of universal gravitation?

Sir Isaac Newton.

Why is newton's law of universal gravitation considered universal?

It is "universal" in the sense that the law of gravity at the surface of our Earth is the same law that applies to planets going around a Sun or a moon going around a planet. Prior to Newton, people just assumed that there was one set of laws to be used on Earth and another set of laws to be used outside of Earth. Although Newton wasn't the first to suggest that there was, indeed, only one set of laws for both situations, he was the first to show what those laws were, and how using this one set of laws could result in what we see, both on Earth and in the heavens.

How did newton come up with the laws?

The answer depends on which laws you are referring to: the laws of motion, universal gravity, cooling, calculus, light (and spectrum).

Why are the Ten Commandments called universal laws?

It so called as these laws are used in all courts of the world.

Did newton propose the three laws of gravitation?

No he had 3 laws of motion and 1 law of universal gravitation.

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what is the first living cell to get all its genes identified?

What are the consequences of Newton's Laws of Motion?

Newton's Laws of Motion introduced Science based on Universal Laws. Newton's Laws extended Science to the ends of the Universe.

Issac Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation?

he explained the laws of gravity

What new idea did Isaac Newton propose?

Universal Laws of Motion

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