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Q: Who said first that it is very important that we need to share in order to care for others?
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Who first said sharing is caring?

God said in Psalms 2:7 that it is very important that we need to share in order to care for others. We may not be friends with someone we don't like, but this phrase is still important. You better follow the ten commandments or God will throw you down to hell for eternity.

Which age group finds it important to share their wisdom with others?

Everyone will share their wisdom and experiences with those younger than them because its important to understand the things that can happen in life.

To give part of what you have to others?


What does chhakna vand mean in Sikhism?

Think about others and share with them first before thinking about yourself. SHARE being the key word

Why was writing important in the past?

Because you were able to communicate, and share knowledge with others. It was how some records were kept.

How do you make the most of your lead generation efforts?

First you will need to decide what is most important to you in regards to your lead generation. Than you can decide which is most important to contribute your time and energy to and in the end all your efforts will be worthwhile. Also share with others your goals you may encourage others to help.

How do you share the Eucharist with others?

By helping others

It is important to share data from scientific experiments with others What method is a valid way to present collected data?

the academic journal

Why do scientist share information?

It is important for scientists to communicate to others not only the results of the investigation, but also the methods by which the investigation was done.

Why is it important to share your talents or skills?

Its is important to share talent for self prosperous achievements

What is to give part of what you have to others?


What is to give to others some of what you have?

to share

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