Who 1st the discover the radiation?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Who 1st the discover the radiation?
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Who discover the radiation?

marie curie i think

What month did Arno Penzias's discover background radiation?

Penzias and Wilson discovered background radiation on October 7,1965.

Who was the 1st to discover a microscope?

Robert Hooke was the first to discover and invent the microscope in 1655.

Who is Janet plowe?

1st to discover the cell membrane

What did Penzias and Wilson discover?

They discovered cosmic microwave background radiation is a major development in modern physical cosmology

What date was it when Robert Ballard discover the Titanic?

1st September 1985.

Who was the first person to discover radiation and what year?

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on November 8, 1895, discovered the X-Ray.

When did Marie Curie discover th X-ray machine?

she didnt invent it. she just brought the xray to world war 1

What is primordial background radiation?

Primordial background radiation is in actuality Cosmic Microwave Background. To discover just what Cosmic Microwave Background theories are, visit the URL posted below:

What is a nuclear engineering job?

Nuclear engineers work in labs working with radiation and sometimes even actual nuclear product. They learn how to work around problems and discover new ways radiation can be helpful or harmful to the human body.

Who was the 1st to discover new telescope to view space?

Astronomer Edwin Hubble (Hubble telescope)

Was the first scientist to observe cells?

Robert Hooke