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Who Is Abdul Alla?

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Abdul is a shortened version of the name Abdalla(h), which means servant of God (Abd = Servant, Alla(h) = God).

ALLA means no in Malayalam

Alla Kliouka's birth name is Alla Kliouka.

Alla Larionova's birth name is Larionova, Alla Dmitrievna.

Alla Meshcheryakova's birth name is Meshcheryakova, Alla Dmitriyevna.

Alla Meychik's birth name is Alla Markovna Meychik.

Alla Demidova's birth name is Demidova, Alla Sergejevna.

Alla Balter's birth name is Alla Davidovna Balter.

Alla Pokrovskaya's birth name is Alla Borisovna Pokrovskaya.

Alla Surikova's birth name is Surikova, Alla Isaakovna.

Alla Tarasova's birth name is Tarasova, Alla Konstantinovna.

Alla Kazanskaya's birth name is Alla Aleksandrovna Kazanskaya.

Alla Kovnir's birth name is Alla Grigoryevna Kovnir.

Alla Yuganova's birth name is Alla Sergeyevna Yuganova.

Alla Budnitskaya's birth name is Budnitskaya, Alla Zinovyevna.

Alla Chernova's birth name is Alla Iosifovna Chernova.

~trippa alla romana ~carciofi alla giudia ~coda alla vaccinara ~bucatini all'amatriciana ~spaghetti alla carbonara

Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Al Baddah was born in 1982.

Alla Vazhenina was born in 1983.

Alla Cherkasova was born in 1989.

Alla Dudayeva was born in 1947.

Alla Labetskaya was born in 1937.

Alla Labetskaya died in 1961.

Alla Marshall was born in 1922.

Alla Nazimova is 5' 3".

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