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Who Is Spock and Is He Dead?

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no spock is the first officer of Enterprise. Captain Kirk is the leader. So if Kirk is away or dead then Spock takes over. This is if you are referring to the original series.

Spock is not known to be deceased in any current Star Trek series or timeline. He was alive as of 2387, where he traveled back in time to the alternate timeline of the 2009 Star Trekfilm.With Leonard Nimoys death, the character of Ambassador Spock has died as of Star Trek Beyond.

Spock was created in 1966.

In my opinion, Mr. Spock is far more famous.

The character of Spock (Star Trek) appears in innumerable paperbacks based on the TV series and the feature films. Two autobiographical books by the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) are: I Am Not Spock (1975) I Am Spock (1995)

I Am Spock has 342 pages.

I Am Spock was created in 1995-10.

Mr. Spock is 109 years old.- Cat---------------------------------------As of the 2009 Movie Star Trek, Spock is 155 years old- Nekowhen you say spock are you talking about young spock or future time spock?But don't take the 2009 movie spock to have anything to do with the real original series spock. There are two star Trek universes now, and they have nothing to do withone-another.Milquetoast

Spock is played by Leonard Nimoy .

Marjorie Spock died in 2008.

Marjorie Spock was born in 1904.

His full name is S'chn T'gai Spock.

Evil Spock and Evil Kirk . . . . . . . . Actually it was Spock, and just Spock (not Kirk), but in the alternate universe in the episode, Mirror, Mirror, so this alternate Spock (goatee, and all) has become known as "Evil Spock"; and, actually, (Evil) Spock said: "Terror must be maintained, or The Empire is doomed. It is the logic of history."

Benjamin Spock was born on May 2, 1903.

Depends on whether or not Spock dies of natural causes.

S'chn T'gai Spock. Spock is his last name.

Dr. Benjamin Spock had two sons.

Mr. Spock is from the planet Vulcan

Spock, of course. And, who is Britney Spears?

Spock is a fictional character, he can do whatever you want him to do.

Garfiled. I've never heard of Spock.

Bejamin Spock has written: 'Masail-i-validain'

Dr. Benjamin Spock was a human being, of Caucasian ehtnicity.However, Mr. Spock of Star Trek is a Vulcan.

Spock was played by Leonard Nimoy in the 1960s TV series, whereas in the 2009 film Zachary Quinto played the part of a Younger Spock .

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