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Who adopted the constitution?

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Who adopted the constitution of India?

The Constituent Assembly adopted the constitution.

In what year was the current Missouri Constitution adopted?

The current Constitution in the state of Missouri was adopted in 1945. The first Constitution in this state was adopted in 1820.

Indian constitution was adopted in which year?

The Indian constitution was adopted in the year 1949.

The current Constitution of Illinois was adopted in what year?

The current constitution of Illinois was adopted in 1970.

What year was japans current constitution adopted?

Japans current constitution was adopted on May 3,1997

How was the Miranda doctrine adopted by the Philippine Constitution?

how was the doctrine (miranda doctrine) adopted by the philippine constitution

Indian constitution was adopted on?

The Constitution was adopted by the India Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949.

In what year was Missouri's first constitution adopted?

Missouri's first constitution was adopted on July 19, 1820

When was the first Illinois constitution written and adopted?

The first Illinois Constitution was adopted on August 26, 1818.

On what date did the Constitutional Convention adopt the Constitution?

The Constitutional Convention adopted the Constitution in May 1787. The Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787.

What year was the Maine state constitution approved by the congress?

The Maine state constitution was adopted in 1820. The Maine state constitution was adopted in 1820.

When was the current Illinois constitution adopted?

The current Illinois constitution was adopted on December 15, 1970. This is also the fourth constitution after 100 years of adopting the third constitution in 1870.

When was the constitution written in Jordan?

The Constitution of Jordan was adopted in 1952.

What date was the fourth amendment adopted?

The first ten amendments to the Constitution - the Bill of Rights - were adopted when the Constitution itself was; in 1787.

What year was the constitution adopted?


Where was the US Constitution adopted?


When was the NC Constitution adopted?


When was Constitution of India adopted?


Which came firstthe Declaration of Independence or the signing of the constitution?

The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th, 1776 and the Constitution was adopted in 1787

Was the bill of rights adopted shortly before the Constitution was ratified?

No, the Bill Of Rights was adopted in 1791, this was 4 years after the Constitution was ratified in 1787.

Why were the Bill of Rights included with the Constitution?

They were added after the constitution was adopted to protect our rights

Was the constitution adopted by the continental congress in 1776?

No. The US Constitution was ratified in 1789.

How many states adopted their own constitution?

Every state has its own constitution.

When was Maines constitution adopted?

it was adapted in 1820

In what year was the constitution adopted in japan?