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The person who agreed to perform the wedding ceremony of Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet was Friar Laurence.

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Friar Laurence agreed to perform the wedding.

Friar Lawrence thinks it may bring about an end to the family feud.

he starts to prepare for the wedding

Friar Laurence hopes that if he marries Romeo and Juliet that the feud with their families with end. Little did he know that will not happen until they are no longer living.

Currently, the play is set on a Tuesday and the wedding for Juliet and Paris is Thursday. Lord Capulet moves the wedding up to Wednesday when Juliet agrees to marry Paris.

so that he can try to get peace between the montagues and the capulets

He decides, "Let's have the wedding on Wednesday (which was a day earlier than the original wedding day which was Thursday) before she changes her mind."

Capulet agrees to build a golden statue of Romeo and Montague agrees to do the same for Juliet.

He becomes happy and thrilled, so much he arranges the wedding one day earlier than he origanlly had it

Act 4 is all about the planned wedding between Juliet and Paris, how Juliet first objects, then consults the friar, then agrees to the wedding, then takes the potion the friar gave her and is found and taken for dead on the morning she was to have married Paris.__________________________________________________________________A quick overview in bullet points:Juliet encounters Paris at Friar Laurence's cellFriar Laurence and Juliet hatch a planJuliet consents to marry ParisJuliet feigns her own death

She agrees to seek interest in Paris because she understands that it is what her parents want

NO!!!! no because Juliet agrees to marry Paris but Juliet is going to take the vial of "stuff" and they will think she is dead and Juliet and romeo will runaway and live together

He agrees to marrying them because he thinks that if they get married the hatchets of their families shall be buried. (big mistake)

She agrees to marry Paris (with her fingers secretly crossed)

Friar Lawrence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet.

There's no specific answer to that. Different people have different tastes and simply choose the wedding dress that agrees with them.

Someone answered "Paris" But Capulet's proposal that Paris should marry Juliet would not have ended the feud, since Paris was of the Duke's family and not a Montague. It is Friar Lawrence who suggests that the marriage of Romeo and Juliet would end the feud, which is why he agrees to perform the ceremony. Unfortunately he forgets to or is too much of a coward to carry through with his plan which would involve telling Capulet and Montague what he had done. Of course in the heightened tension after Romeo kills Tybalt, it is much harder to tell the truth.

After Romeo injured Paris. Paris told him "Lay me in the tomb with Juliet". Romeo agrees and put him in the tomb with Juliet.

Romeo is Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. Their families are enemies. Romeo is Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. Their families are enemies.

she "agrees" to marry Paris (even though she will not be there, she will be pretending to be dead!!!!!)

Yes, he agrees to it in Act 3 Scene 4.

She agrees with him so quickly because she's obsessivly in love with him so she ignores all his flaws.

The Nurse agrees to be a go-between between Romeo and Juliet because, quite frankly, she is excited about the idea of Juliet losing her virginity.

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