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The Gospels Mattew, Mark, Luke, and John were supposedly written by their titular author. These people were disciples of Christ. The remaining books in the New Testament were written by the apostle Paul, who only met Christ in a vision in the book of Acts. The remaining books are not considered gospels, however. Of the 4 Gospel writers, all of them were followers of Jesus; I presume they all literally walked with Him.

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All the New Testament gospels were actually anonymous until they were attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John later in the second century. As we do not really know who wrote any of the gospels, we can not say whether any of the authors actually knew Jesus, but scholars believe it most unlikely that any did.

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Was the birth of jesus in the Old Testament or the New Testament?

Jesus' birth is written in the start of all Gospels except John. The Gospels are the first four books of the NEW TESTAMENT.

What are the works of Jesus in the New Testament?

The works of Jesus included healing, gospels and ministration. This is recorded in the new testament.

What part of the Bible does Jesus appear in?

From Genesis to Revelation. He physically appeared as Jesus, the man in the Gospels of the New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Does Jesus walks on water part of old testament?

No. The accounts of what Jesus did on earth are all in the New Testament, primarily in the Gospels.

Are the gospels in New Testament versions or parts of Jesus life?

part of Jesus life

What is the significance of the gospels?

The gospels are New testament books that tell the life story of Jesus and explain his message.

Which New Testament book has Jesus?

A:All the New Testament books mention Jesus.The four gospels give accounts of the life and mission of Jesus, with Acts of the Apostles containing a continuation of Luke's story of the risen Jesus.Mark's Gospel was the original New Testament book about Jesus. The other New Testament gospels were directly (Matthewand Luke) or indirectly (John) based on Mark's account.

How many Gospels does the Old Testament have?

The Old Testament does not have any Gospels (Good News) as there was not much in the way of good news such as in the New Testament and the Good News that the world now has a Savior, Jesus Christ.

What does New Testament contain?

The new testament contains the teaching of Jesus, and the books of Paul and the four gospels mainly.

How many disciples walked with Jesus?

Jesus had twelve disciples according to the Gospels.

What day did Jesus do a a lot of His work on?

The New Testament gospels record that Jesus ministered every day of the week.

What was the four books about jesus life of the New Testament called?

The four books in the new testament are called book of the gospels.

Are the Gospels in the New Testament or Old Testament?

The four Gospels (meaning "good news"), were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in the beginning of the New Testament(or the Greek Scriptures), providing an historical account of the life of Jesus.

The four books of the New Testament that detail the life and teachings of Jesus are called?


Where in the new testament does it tell how jesus died?

It can be found in all the four gospels in the bible.

Where is the majority of references to Jesus found outside of the Gospels?

In the old testament, that would be the book of Isiah, but in the new testament it would be Acts

Gospels and Parables of Christianity?

The gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John - are the books that tell about the life of Jesus Christ. They are found at the beginning of the New Testament.The parables are stories told by Jesus to people that followed him as he walked around the area of Galilee.The parables are stories about: the kingdom of God, salvation, love and forgiveness, prayer etc. They can be read in the Gospels.

How the bible is set up?

There is the New Testament and the Old Testament. The New Testament is from the birth of Jesus and forward, the New Testament starts with the 4 Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The old Testament is from the time before Jesus and starts with Genesis which is about creation.

What 4 books in the new testament contain Jesus gospels?

Matthew,Mark,Luke,,and John

Did God really walk the earth?

Jesus really walked the earth, and Jesus is God and is also the Son of God, so yes (see Gospels in New Testament, Genesis 3, 14, and 18 as some examples).

Jesus and his teachings are found where?

Jesus and his teachings are primarily found in the 4 Gospels in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John and in Revelation. Jesus and his teachings are used as a basis for the writings of the remainder of the New Testament.

What baby was born when Augustus ruled?

Jesus of Nazareth, if you read the New Testament gospels as gospel truth.

What book in New Testament is that found of his death?

If your talking about Jesus Christ?.. then it would be the 4 gospels of the new testament. Which are: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

What are the writings that reveal to us the life and message of Jesus Christ?

In the New Testament of the Bible the Gospels (the first four books) are about the life of Jesus and also some of his teaching. There is more of the teaching of Jesus in the remaining books of the New Testament

What section of the Bible is about Jesus?

The Old Testament has many prophecies about Jesus. Then the New Testament tells about His life on earth, specifically the first four books, called the Gospels, which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.